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The i9-13900KF looks out the door, can AMD stop the blow with Zen 4?

Raptor Lake It comes to devour the competition, as we have seen in the latest benchmarks, offering a significantly higher performance than its rivals. The i9-13900KF is seen again, but this time with a overclocked to 6.2GHzfar exceeding the Intel i9-12900K and humiliating the AMD Ryzen 5950X.

The battle between the futures Ryzen 7000 and the IntelCore 13 is close, although neither of these two families of processors has reached the market. However, today we have a leak of new performance data regarding the Intel Core i9-13900KF, this time with an incredible 6.2 GHz overclock. Without a doubt, this is the highest frequency recorded in benchmarks and tested against the i9- 12900K and the Ryzen 5950X.

Intel Core i9-13900KF: 6.2 GHz on its P-Cores and 5.2 GHz on E-Cores

Intel Core i9-13900K 6.2GHz CPU-Z

the middle chinese ExtremePlayer has posted a video on the platform bilibili, similar to Youtube, to show the overclocked performance of the i9-13900KF, i7-13700K, and the i5-13600K. Thus, they have tested CO of CPUs on a motherboard ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 APEX and later used a MSI MEG Z690I Unify for CO of RAM. That said, they have overclocked the i9-13900KF which has allowed it to hit 6.2 GHz on all of its high-performance cores, or P-Cores, and 5.2 GHz on all of its energy-efficient cores, or E-Cores. Taking into account that the factory Intel Core i9-13900KF has 5.5GHz in their 8 P-Cores and so alone 4.3GHz in their 16 E-coresthis overclock is a notorious rise in frequencies.

Here we have another surprise, because the Chinese medium also got a very good overclock on his i7-13700K. In fact, he achieved the same as his older brother, achieving 6.2GHz on high-performance kernels. However, it was observed 500MHz downlink in the efficient coresalthough it is still an increase in frequencies compared to the series.

Lastly, regarding the i5-13600Kthis has also been overclocked, although much less than the other two Intel processors. And it is that, it has been shown that it has only reached the 5.5GHzalthough in this case it may be because it has been the CPU that has spent the least time on the review.

Destroy the Ryzen 5950X and i9-12900K in CPU-Z

Intel Core i9-13900K i7-13700K i5-13600K OC CPU-Z

Here we have a performance comparison where we see the incredible performance enjoyed by the i9-13900KF overclocked. Specifically, with a frequency of 6.2GHz Y 4.7GHz for their P-Core and E-Core, respectively, we have a score of 1011 points in single core in CPU-Z. At these frequencies, the I9-13900KF reaches 16,628 points in CPU-Z during the test multicore. The surprise comes, when the P-Core is lowered to 6.1 GHz but the E Core until the 5.2GHzachieving 19550 points using all cores in the same test, a 18% more multithread performance.

So the i9-13900KF at 6.1/5.2 GHz is a 65% faster that he Ryzen 9 5950X using all cores. And it is that the top-of-the-range CPU from AMD achieves 11841 points in multicore. With respect to single coreis almost a 40% fastersince the 5950X gets 647 points only.

Continuing with the CPU-Z benchmarks we can see that the i7-13700K achieves a very similar score to those of the i9-13900KF using one core. This is because the i7-13700K had an OC until the 6GHz achieving 983 points in singles. In multicore this was much lower, as it reached 13,054 pointsalthough it is still far superior to its competition and even to the i5-13600K. The latter managed 10,477 points in multi core to 5.5GHz Y 831 points using a core.

This 5.8 GHz CPU achieves almost 43,000 points in Cinebench R23

I9-13900K OC 5.8GHz Cinebench R23

The popular benchmark Cinebench R23, used to measure the performance of processors, has been used this time to provide us with accurate data. Thus, we have the flagship of Intel, the i9-13900KF providing incredible multi-core performance after overclocking it to 5.8GHz in P-Cores and 4.7GHz in E-Cores. We thus have a value of 42,790 points in Cinebench R23 using all cores.

To give us an idea of ​​the magnitude of this value, a Ryzen 5950X achieve only 24,021 points. This means that the i9-13900KF is a 77% higher to the 5950X in Cinebench R23. With respect to i9-12900Kthis achieves 27,488 pointswhere again the 13900KF is shown a 57% more Quick. In fact the i9-13900KF with OC in this test beats to the AMD Threadripper 3975WX with 32 cores Y 64 threads.

Intel Core i9-13900K i7-13700K i5-13600K Cinebench R23

Not only has the i9-13900KF performed very well in Cinebench R23, but the i7-13700K also shows off its great power. Overclocked at 5.8/4.7 GHz, this has achieved the 33,948 points using all cores. This high value has allowed it to surpass processors such as the AMD Threadripper 2990X with 32 cores and 64 threads, which falls behind with its 30,054 points.

The latest Cinebench R23 test corresponds to the i5-13600K which achieves a score of 24,881 points, beating the Ryzen 5950X. This was overclocked to only 5.3GHz and using a voltage of 1,394V. Thus, it is shown that this CPU was the least capable of increasing frequencies.

Raptor Lake CPUs allow DDR5 RAM up to 7,400 MHz

DDR5 7000MHz Overclocked RAM

We have not only obtained information from processor performance tests, since the Chinese media also tested RAM memories. Thus, they verified that the Intel Core i9-13900KF allowed memory DDR5-RAM until the 7,400MHz. Using the i7-13700K and i5-13600K they found that they supported DDR5 up to 7,000MHz. However, they claim that the Sweet spot is the DDR5 RAM to 6,800MHz. They also offer support for memory DDR4 a 4.256MHz Y CL17. Obviously, when saying these figures we are talking about overclocks to this memory, since the current DDR5 RAM modules do not reach these values.

Consumption of 400W at 6.2 GHz with a voltage of more than 1.5V

Now, let’s go to the waiting consumption figures because the top of the range Intel Core i9-13900KF with the overclock to 6.2GHz so beast has come to consume close to 400W. These figures may seem incredibly high to us, but we are also talking about a frequency that exceeds 6 GHz.

In addition, we have to take into account the use of 1,527V which is a very high value of voltage and the main cause of the rise in watts. We also have data on the consumption of i7-13700K also with overclock to 6.2GHz on their P-Cores. This came to 292W with a voltage of just over 1.5Vshowing that it is efficient for the performance it has offered us.

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