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The importance of IP address for safe surfing – Esports Extras.

The IP address is a kind of address for the Internet. It is assigned to certain networks and makes it possible to uniquely identify devices and their users. This is necessary in order to be able to move around the Internet and reach certain destinations. However, this is accompanied by a visibility that leads to a Danger to digital privacy can be. It is therefore important to protect your own IP address. A VPN is a useful tool in this regard. This article explains why the IP address is important, how VPN can protect it and why it pays to work with a professional service provider.

Tasks of the IP address

The abbreviation “IP” stands for Internet Protocol. An IP address is therefore a unique and unambiguous code that assigned to a specific device becomes. This can be a router as well as laptops or smartphones. The IP address ensures that the sender and recipient of data packets can be clearly identified and can communicate with each other without any problems. You may now be asking yourself: What is my IP address? How you find out depends, among other things, on whether you are using a Mac OS, Android or iOS device.

The main purpose of the IP address is to enable smooth data exchange. If you want to send a letter, you need to know the recipient’s address so that the letter actually arrives. The same principle works with IP addresses on the Internet. However the IP address of a device is not always the same, but changes. Accordingly, a smartphone on the go has a different IP address than in the home network.

Location determination via IP address

Various conclusions can be drawn about the user based on the IP address alone. Among other things, the recipients recognize which provider you use. It is also possible to determine a location. The IP address makes it clear in which city, state, country and time zone a user is located. In addition, the digital traces that he leaves behind when surfing the Internet and visiting individual websites can be traced.

Different website operators use different technologies for location determination. Some just pick up the IP address and public databases back so location is an estimate. Internet providers and government agencies, on the other hand, are able to determine an exact address, so they know exactly where a specific user is with their device.

The IP address in the professional environment

The IP address plays an important role in video conferences and digital team meetings.

The IP address plays an important role in the professional environment. So members in the same network always have the same IP address. That’s on behalf of safety of establishments important. If a device with a foreEsports ExtrasIP address is in the network, it can be determined exactly. In this way, it is possible to protect yourself from external attacks and prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to company data.

Furthermore, the IP address is essential for digital communication. For both video conferences and digital team meetings, it is important that the individual devices communicate with each other be able. This is the only way to see each other and exchange data if necessary. In view of the fact that more and more people are working from home and are therefore dependent on communication via video conferences, the IP address is becoming increasingly important.

Protect the IP address

In the name of digital privacy, it is advisable to protect your own IP address. Basically, it is nobody’s business where users are located and which pages they visit. about a virtual private network (VPN) it is possible to move around the internet without leaving any digital traces behind. In this way, your own privacy is protected as best as possible.

It is important a individual protection concept for the different devices to develop, which are used in everyday life. It is often the case that you do not only access the Internet in your home WLAN. Instead, people are on the go with their smartphones, use tablets or work with laptops. All these different devices should be protected as best as possible via VPN so that digital privacy is preserved.

Safety even when travelling

A VPN is a sensible solution if you travel a lot. Occasionally the problem of geoblocking arises. This means that certain content is not available in some places around the world. Through a VPN it is possible that prevent geo-blocking and also access content while traveling that would otherwise only be available in the home country.

It can also make sense for business people to keep their location secret. Occasionally it is interesting for the competition if competitors are regularly in certain places. Around Conclusions about one’s own activities and the company’s work excluded, a VPN should therefore be used to ensure that one’s own IP address is not recognizable and one’s own steps on the Internet cannot be traced.

Choosing the right VPN provider

There are a variety of VPN providers that users can fall back on. These set different priorities and offer different technologies and services. It is advisable to carry out a comprehensive comparison of providers in order to find service providers who are really reliable and professional in their work. In addition, it is possible to keep the costs for VPN use as low as possible.

Various sources can be used when selecting the VPN provider. The first point of contact should be the website of the respective service provider. Here the different offers and the associated costs are listed clearly and concisely. In this way, very different offers can be easily compared with one another. However, it is just as useful use user reviews. Here it quickly becomes apparent whether a provider is really working reliably and whether a high level of customer satisfaction and user-friendliness is guaranteed for the offers.


The IP address is essential for communication on the Internet. However, there is a risk that your own location can be determined. Who does not want this and his protect privacy on the internet should use a VPN. This makes it possible to protect your own IP address and ensure that no conclusions can be drawn about your own behavior on the Internet.

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