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The inspiration for The Day Before borders on plagiarism: this is how elements copied from other sagas are | we are xbox

The controversy surrounding The Day Before seems to have no end. Fntastic was forced to share a gameplay of the game to silence the voices that claimed that the title might not even exist. However, the video served to confirm several of the fears that existed with the project, such as the massive downgrade that can be seen from the start. But this is not the only controversial thing that has appeared in recent days, since now even the inspiration for The Day Before is being criticized.

Ever since the title was announced, many of us consider the game to be a cross between The Division and DayZ. However, what we do not appreciate at first is the similarities that the development team has taken with the first of these titles in terms of some marketing decisions, as well as in relation to other games. And that is precisely what the user has highlighted @ForceStrategy on his Twitter account, noting that the inspiration for The Day Before could be so much more than that.

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This is the inspiration of The Day Before with other games

As we can see in the images that the user has shared, the game has literally copied some marketing elements from other games. First of all, during the last gameplay shown of the title, we can see how Fntastic has literally recreated in a 1:1 way the composition of the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies trailer, using the exact same angles and even the same color palette. .

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Another of the elements that stands out in the comparison regarding the possible inspiration of The Day Before has had The Last of Us as its protagonist. In this case, we refer to the letters of the gamewhich use the exact same typeface used by Naughty Dog with their latest title, including exactly the same effects.

Finally, the comparison ends with one of the images that were shared at the beginning of the project being unveiled, along with an image of the aforementioned The Dvision. As we can see, the same thing happens as in the Call of Duty trailer, appreciating a virtually identical composition in both photographs, with slight differences in the setting.

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We will have to wait to see how it ends everything related to The Day Before, but what is clear is that the information that has been coming out in recent weeks does not bode well, being considered on social networks as a new Abandoned case. Only time will tell if this comparison is correct or not.


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