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The Intel Arc A770 and A750 now have global availability

Intel has announced the availability of its first “high-performance” gaming GPUs. These are none other than Arc A770 Y Arc A750. The ad doesn’t just boil down to reference designs, but custom designs from their early partners.

The Intel Arc A770 makes use of the graphics chip ACM-G10 with 32 Xe-Cores that translate into 4,096 Stream Processors at a frequency of 2.10 GHz. These are accompanied by 512 XMX units and offers a generous GDDR6 memory of 16GB capacity at a speed of 17.5Gbps which, together with an interface 256 bitis capable of reaching a bandwidth of 560GB/s. All this generates an energy consumption of 225Wrequiring two PCI-Express connectors 8+6 pins for your food.

His little sister, the Intel Arc A750is satisfied with the same silicon but with 28 Xe Cores that give rise to 3,584 Stream Processors at 2,050 MHz and reduces its memory to 8GB capacity @ 16 Gbps with a bandwidth of 512GB/s.

Widespread availability of the A770, but no sEsports Extrasof the Intel Arc A750

Intel Arc A770 Cover

If we review the main technology websites in the country, we can only find the Intel Arc A770 at an uninteresting price of €449.90because they are close to 50 euro difference compared to its direct rival, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060. Although it is less powerful in modern games, it is necessary to remember the problems with older games, and how Intel will support wait times for new release optimizations remains to be seen. Recall that this GPU was announced at a recommended price of $349 ($329 with 8GB).

Of the Intel Arc A750 there is no trace, none has it listed. Even for Germany there is nothing to see either. This GPU was originally announced at a price of $289.

ASRock announces its Arc A770 Phantom Gaming and Arc A750 Challenger

ASRock A770 Phantom Gaming

With the specifications above, the information is summarized very quickly, since the ASRock A770 Phantom Gaming arrives with a small factory overclock to 2.20GHz (vs 2.10 GHz) seasoned with a cooling system with a huge aluminum radiator crossed by means of five 6mm copper heat pipes thick each, and all seasoned with a desEsports Extrasof triple fan with RGB LED lighting that can be turned off.

Intel Arc A750 Challenger

For its part, the Intel Arc A750 Challenger comes with a higher factory overclock that reaches 2.20GHz (vs. 2.05GHz). In terms of cooling, an aluminum radiator traversed by four 6mm copper heat pipes thick with direct contact with the graphics chip, and a configuration of double fan no RGB lighting. These GPUs respect the recommended price from Intel. Although yes, the A770 is with 8 GB of memory, they have not released the version with 16 GB of capacity.

Both graphs also use an aluminum backplate to reinforce the PCB, although this is quite short, so there is a lot of the radiator protruding from the GPU PCB.

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