The Invasion of Mutations arrives, the new update of Fallout 76

Fallout 76 does not cease to offer content to players, even now that the title has already exceeded four years of life. And while there are still plenty of challenges for players traversing the wasteland of Appalachiathis new update looks straight into the eyes of the most veteran and wants to make them tremble.

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And it is that Invasion of mutations, the free update that is already available for all versions of the game, includes public events with mutations, in which the enemies will be significantly more powerful than usual, although the rewards will also be better.

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Every hour on the hour there will be a public event with mutations that will be indicated by a special icon. Normals will continue to spawn for the rest of each hour. Some of the conditions of these enemies will be the camouflage activatedthe condition Volatileand they will have reflective skin.

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Additionally, Mutation Invasion kicks off Season 12 of the game: Bold Rip and the Cryptid Hunta journey full of dangers with an adventurous hunter expert in elusive prey.

You can take a look at all these new features in the trailer below.

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