The iPhone 15 costs Apple $423, 16% more than the iPhone 14

Tom Henry

the iphone 15 costs apple $423, 16% more than the

When choosing our next mobile phone, we must choose whether we want a smartphone that uses iOS or one that uses Android. Basically, that is the main difference between iPhones and Android phones. Although iPhones have a much higher price, sales are enormous and, together with profit margins, have allowed Apple to be the most valuable company in the world. With the iPhone 15 profits are surprisingly reduced, since the manufacturing cost is 16% higher than that of the last generation.

Apple is considered a unique company, as it offers devices that differ from others, with a unique brand and design. Not only that, but he uses his own chips and operating system, what we can call the Apple ecosystem. In the end, if we buy something from the company we have to accept what it offers us, with its pros and cons. In any case, the bitten apple has shown that as the years go by, more and more people end up deciding to buy an iPhone.

The manufacturing cost of the iPhone 15 is higher than that of the iPhone 14


Even last year, with the launch of some More expensive iPhone 14s, sales of the Pro Max model were the highest, for a mobile phone worth almost 1,500 euros with the least amount of storage. The price increase was justified by the fact that we were going through a period of higher inflation. Production costs rose and everything ended up being more expensive for us. Regarding the newly launched iPhone 15, Apple decided keep prices even though they already said they were going to be more expensive to do.

Indeed this has been fulfilled, since an analysis of the list of components reveals that the iPhone 15 It has a higher manufacturing cost, since it costs Apple 423 dollars. This would imply a 16% more of what it cost to manufacture the iPhone 14. Even so, with each sale of iPhone 15, Apple achieves a 47% gross profit marginif we use the price in the US as a reference.

The use of titanium, A17 Pro chip and the periscope camera increase the price


If we now move on to the iPhone 15 Plusthese cost Apple $442a 10% more than the iPhone 14 Plus. It strikes us that the increase in screen and battery over the standard model only costs about 20 dollars. Moving on to the iPhone 15 Prohere we already see a more noticeable price increase, since the components it has cost Apple $523. In comparison, the iPhone 14 Pro cost a few 480 dollarsso it would be a 8% less. Finally, we have the iPhone 15 Pro Max with a cost of $558a 12% more than the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

In the latter case, we have a profit margin of 53.5% for Apple, although several things must be taken into account. This is only the price of the components and assembly of the mobile phones, it does not take into account the development or the cost of distribution and support. Furthermore, the cost of the components has been taken into account using the option with lower storage capacitybeing 128 GB and 256 GB for the Pro Max.

Another aspect that draws attention is that the cost of the casing of titanium It is 50 dollars, which implies a 43% increase compared to aluminum. The Apple A17 Pro chip has meant a 27% price increase compared to the A16 Bionic, costing 130 dollars. Lastly, the periscopic camera it cost 30 dollarsalmost 4 times more than that of the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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