The keys to the plan that China is preparing to bypass the restrictions

The United States is stepping on the accelerator with the restrictions and they do not finish implementing one when they are already thinking about the next ones. The objective is clear, defeat China, or at least stop it to maintain the position and leadership of the world behind its back. Meanwhile, China doesn’t say anything, doesn’t launch a response, just understands and assimilates the restrictions by putting patches where it can, or that’s what we thought. And it is that the Asian giant is drawing up a road map: this is the plan that China has to skip the restrictions american.

China is quiet, but it is not quiet. Silently, he has a great plot of what he has to do to be able to skip everything that has been and will be against the US and if we can be sure of anything, it is that it will not be easy, nor cheap, nor fast.

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China’s plan to bypass restrictions

China Encrypted Quantum Algorithm

Not that he’s incredibly clever, but yes, he does have his insightful side. Two of the country’s leading academics wrote that Beijing needs to chart a different course than it currently does. The plan is based on creating a portfolio of patents that are ahead of those of the United States in terms of creation, manufacture and desEsports Extrasof chips.

This also includes patents with novel materials and their techniques, because it will become more and more complex to create wafers or engrave them if this type of novelty and alloys are not required. Why look to the future when the problem is in the present? Because China has already understood that can’t compete here and that is why it is leaving the race for semiconductors to withdraw ranks and begin to outline the strategy for the future.

Everyone is turning their back on him, even Asian partners, they all want their share of the pie and therefore have to look ahead. The advantage that China has right now is that thanks to Trump they have been developing the plan for three years, about which hardly anything is known.

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China’s push, taking a step back to take a leap forward


It is clearly the objective as they say Luo Junwei and Li Shushen in the bulletin of the Chinese Academy of Sciences:

“We should vigorously promote the spirit of scientists who pursue originality and resist repetitive, low-level follow-up research”

This is very good, but there are many stones on the way. The first is the talent shortage. The vast majority came from the US and have been called back, the second is the lack of funding for research when that talent begins to emerge from the main universities in the country, for which they will have to change many of the careers, adapting them to the future.

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The third step is aimed at companies, at their restructuring for desEsports Extrasand innovation. Finally, these patents will have to be created in such a way that the US cannot access them and position China as a power in the desEsports Extrasof technology and not in manufacturing itself, which on the other hand, will have to be leading worldwide because the chips need almost science fiction foundries.

Chinese officials have been unwilling to discuss these countermeasures, even in closed-door meetings, when asked. As usual, China will draw up its plan against restrictions in silence and without raising dust, let us hope that this time the West does not waste the advantage it will have after the Asian withdrawal and will take the opportunity to continue pushing, especially Europe, which is further behind than the US.