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The King of Fighters XV: these are the changes of patch 1.63

A couple of weeks ago, SNK kicked off the second season (2) of The King of Fighters XV (KOF XV) with the debut of shingo yabuki as the first DLC character and the patch 1.62, which added global changes to the game and general character balance. Now, SNK has released a new patch (1.63) for The King of Fighters XV (KOF XV) that seeks to fix minor system issues and adjust some of the balance from the previous patch on a small group of characters.

What are the main changes it brings to The King of Fighters XV (KOF XV) patch 1.63?

KOF XV patch 1.63 changes
This is the schedule of character releases and changes of season 2 of The King of Fighters XV (KOF XV).
  • DJ Station– The game now shows the requirements to unlock each of the albums.
  • shingo yabuki– Fixed an issue that prevented data from not being saved correctly after completing character tests.
    • Fixed an issue that would not allow the character ending to resave correctly.
  • Others: in patch 1.63 of The King of Fighters XV (KOF XV) Fixed several minor UI, sound, and character effects issues.
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changes to characters The King of Fighters XV (KOF XV) in patch 1.63

  • Shun’ei– Fixed an issue that caused the cooldown times of the Thruster Vision to be reduced in some circumstances.
  • Ash: Increased the total value of the «Stun», the changes of Germinal Caprice (B) and Ventose (A) were reverted to how they were before patch 1.62. Changed the behavior of the enemy when he is hit in the air.
  • Terry: Reduced crouching Weak Fist (A) cooldown frames. This change was already in patch 1.62, but wasn’t listed until the new patch notes from The King of Fighters XV (KOF XV) (1.63).
  • Luong: Fixed an issue where when Ren (EX) was canceled with Weak Fist (A) in the air the damage scaling would be smaller than it should be.
  • Cat: Fixed an issue where Fang’s ‘counter’ move (Normal or EX) would trigger when being attacked from behind.
  • Geese: Raigou Reppuu Ken (Normal or MAX) Fixed an issue that caused the attack to do more damage than normal.
  • Shingo: Adjusted and modulated the sound of the character’s voice.
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To see the official list of changes made to The King of Fighters XV (KOF XV) in patch 1.63, we recommend you to follow the following link.

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