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The Kings get promotion to the LLA

Officially the competitive season in the Latin American League (LLA) has come to an end. This weekend the last two series were played to determine if the worst teams of the year defended their permanence in the first division or would lose their place against the two best teams in the National Circuits. Yesterday afternoon we had a resounding victory of XTEN Esports on Incubus Club. The team of the ‘X’ quickly won the series after a 3-0 win to ensure his participation in the ALL 2023.

Today was the turn to find out what would happen between Globant Emeral Team Y The Kings. More than 40 thousand spectators witnessed the great victory of The Kings in the second Promo/Relegation. The Kings prevailed in a big way and closed the series 3-1 after having stumbled in the third game. In this way the ALL receives with open arms a new squad that, as demonstrated in this 2022, arrives to be the protagonist; on the other hand, he fires a team that is expected to be seen again in a short time in the highest division of LATAM.

Despite being loaded with strong names from Latin American LoL, GET was the worst squad of the year achieving just five wins out of 28 games in 2022 (both Opening and Closing). The debacle at the Globant level led to the relegation of a team with big names, among which we find newby that he returned to compete in Latin America after a year in the LCS; Whitelotus, Plugo Y Warangerus, legendary players from Argentina, Chile and Mexico respectively, champions of the ALL and with several participations in the great international tournaments (MSI and Worlds) must momentarily say goodbye to the Latin American League.

The complete cast for the LLA 2023.

With the two games of Promo/Relegation finished, the competitive season in the ALL has come to an end and in this way we already know a priori who will be the eight leading teams of a new and exciting year in the highest division of the Latin American League of Legends. Here is the list of equipment.

  • Isurus Gaming (Argentina)
  • Estral Esports (Mexico)
  • Team Aze (Mexico)
  • rainbow7
  • Infinity Esports (Costa Rica)
  • All Knights (Chile)
  • XTEN Esports (Mexico)*
  • The Kings (Mexico)*

*Promo/Relegation 2022

More in our section League of Legends.

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