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The Last of Us 3: a huge change for the next game? New leaks

the last of us 3: a huge change for the

The insiders went there with their little leaks this weekend, and some contradict each other. We explain to you what are the latest rumors around The Last of Us 3


The Last of Us 3 will likely be Naughty Dog’s next game. The Californian studio had cast doubt, simply explaining that they had decided on the issue. Rumor has it that the developers are getting down to a new fantasy license, but it’s hard to imagine that Sony will let its golden goose dormant, especially with the insolent success of the HBO series. If your Twitter limit was not already exceeded this weekend, then you have certainly heard the news: the new characters of this TLOU 3 would have been revealed, but in fact not, but if anyway. We take stock of these new rumors.

TLOU Factions characters leaked?

The Last of Us 3 without Ellie? That’s what reputable leaker DanielRPK hinted at this Sunday night. The insider, who has credit in particular thanks to his leaks around the films Spider-Man and The Flash, claimed to have information on TLOU 3 and on the new main characters. According to him, the third episode of the license would focus on a group of looters who took refuge in a Victorian house serving as their base. A diverse survivor group that would consist of:

  • Lucas: a jovial character who develops a certain relationship with another raider and will fall to the dark side of the force.
  • Manson: A former soldier whose loyalty to the other characters in the party is tested when Val is elected leader of the party.
  • Val: new leader of this group
  • Ezra: an antagonist who wishes to become Caliph instead of the Caliph.
  • Gracis: Simply described as an 18-25 year old female character.

Ellie would have an important role in The Last of Us 3

Naughty Dog would have launched the auditions for this casting. No need to beat around the bush, it would seem that the insider of the film industry has gotten its brushes tangled up. The description of the characters corresponds more to The Last of Us Factions, the free-to-play multiplayer which we are still waiting for news. However, another credible source has added its two cents. Yes Ellie will still have a major role in The Last of Us 3 and the game’s motion capture should begin later this year.

Look it’s still too early, story details are being worked out and everything is potentially subject to change, but I assure you I’ve heard that Ellie will be at least as important in The Last of Us 3 than it was in Part 2 “, explains the leaker ViewerAnon. THE leaker has a strong reputation in the movie industry for its hit-and-miss leaks. In the case of the Naughty Dog license, he is best known for revealing in advance the presence of Ellie’s mother in the HBO series TLOU and her interpreter who was none other than Ashley Johnson.


It will certainly be necessary to be patient before the game is officially unveiled by Sony. Especially since the multiplayer game, which was to give its news this year, would be in bad shape. Jason Schreir (Bloomberg) revealed that The Last of Us Factions would be “re-evaluated”, to the point that the teams allocated to the project would have been greatly reduced. Naughty Dog had responded with a statement, explaining that they needed more time for TLOU Factions.