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‘The Last of Us’ arrives in Madrid with this impressive recreation

The series premiere ‘The Last Of Us‘ has marked a new era for this saga. It all started in 2013 with the first edition of what is now has become a legend. Over the years we have seen different reissues of this first part, although it was in 2020 when it arrived. a second part that left us speechless. Now the series has startedwhich has been very well received both among those who are fans of the saga and those who are not.

Well, to celebrate the premiere of the series, from this day 20 until next 24 Januarydo not forget to go through the center of Madrid if you have a chance And it is that in the callao square You will be able to live what it means to be in this post-apocalyptic world that ‘The Last of Us’ teaches us. A lot of vegetation has taken over a square that has been practically destroyed by the Cordycepsthat fungus that has put an end to human civilization.

The Last of Us Madrid
Image source: Andtonic Studios

Madrid is transformed to recreate ‘The Last of Us’

Who has been in charge of putting together this spectacular recreation for HBO Max has been the agency Andtonic Studios. All the people who pass by will be able to live first-hand the experience ‘The Last of Us’. The images that they have shown us are spectacular and really seem to be taken from the series itself. will be available to everyone from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. (CET) and it will even be possible to access an establishment that has also been adapted.

The series ‘The Last of Us‘ premiered on January 16 on HBO Max.. It will be broadcast on Monday morning and will have nine chapters total. So if you have no plans for this weekend and you are in Madrid, you already know where you can go.

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