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The Last of Us (HBO series), episode 7: a short walk in the clouds

He last episode from the series for HBO The Last of Us reassured a confused Joel about his responsibility to Ellie. Reuniting with his brother Tommy gave him a glimmer of hope for what the future could be in the midst of a post-apocalypse cordyceps. However, this did not last long. In his brief stay at the University of Eastern Colorado, he did not find the promised Fireflies, but he did find a strong perforation in the abdomen. episode 7 of The Last of Us superficially continues this hardship.

In the order dictated by the first game, the subsequent events in which Ellie takes over looking after Joel are only expanded upon in the downloadable content. left behind. Technically the next episode (8) is what would really continue as the game was released at the time for PS3. In the following editions (Remastered and the ‘remake’ TLoU Part 1), left behind it was bundled with the base game. Its location in the plot, however, is what is responsible for telling episode 7 of the series in the form of a retrospective.

The Last of Us episode 7

The DLC The Last of Us: Left Behind It came out eight months after the original PlayStation 3 game. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, about the theme song between Ellie and Riley. In his time, the publications that described the shared kiss between the characters of Ellie and Riley as a “defining moment” for video games were notorious.. Most reactions to it were also positive for its characterization of LGBT characters.


In the series, we see a bit of the quarantine zone where Ellie shared a room with Riley (Storm Reid). Riley – mentioned earlier in the series – was Ellie’s best friend and the one who mainly stood up for Ellie. Even so, Ellie shows that she knows how to defend herself from her if necessary thanks to her strong temperament. While Ellie acknowledges that once she turns 17 she will have to start working for FEDRA, Riley sees in the Fireflies an alternative to the military dictatorship that sheltered them throughout her youth.

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The Last of Us episode 7

Riley escapes from the quarantine zone and the Fireflies assEsports Extrasher a guard position at an abandoned shopping mall. That he has recovered power from a nearby source to the unknown of Phaedra. Riley takes Ellie there on a nocturnal escape that is already natural and stealthy for the first. For her part, Ellie believes more in her future within Phaedra, but all this occurs only a few weeks before the beginning of her story.. Riley has established contact with Marlene, who inducts her into the Fireflies. But he hasn’t been able to do the same by speaking up for Ellie.


The thoughts of these best friends begin to collide, as each one has a different moral opinion about the organizations they follow. Contrary to that, their friendship is more important and the relationship between the two enters a stage of discovery about their true feelings. This entire world of the past frozen in a 2003 mall causes Ellie awe and wonder. The simple use of escalators is part of a reality that never had a chance to live in a moderately safe world.

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The Last of Us episode 7
Mortal Kombat II in all its glory in episode 7 of The Last of Us.

As in the previous episode, she also doesn’t understand many other things that in our eyes are very normal and at the same time trivial, like fashion. A carousel, a photo booth and a costume shop make Ellie curious, things completely new to her. However, we can identify that the arcade is what perplexes her the most. Like the same sky. While the aforementioned segments come from the game, in the arcade there is an addition that the game was not allowed due to licensing issues: Mortal Kombat II.


There is a poster of Mortal Kombat in Ellie and Riley’s room, so we assume that they both idolized the game for its extreme graphic violence. So it was only through magazines and posters. Ellie and Riley play some games in the arcade Mortal Kombat IIwhich makes us wonder about all the consoles in the world of The Last of Us. In TLoU Part II we’ve seen Ellie’s PS3 and a PS Vita, making sense since the outbreak was in 2013. In the series, since it was in 2003, the most they’d have access to would be PS2, Xbox, and GameCube (not forgetting GBA, but we are already deviating).

The Last of Us episode 7

All the noise in the arcade attracts a stalker who was camouflaged on a stump. Just moments after Ellie and Riley open their hearts and Riley decides not to abandon Ellie for the Fireflies, they are both attacked. In the struggle to remove it, Ellie and Riley are bitten. So far Ellie did not know about her immunity and this is the origin story of it. Although they do not visually show us Riley’s outcome, we know well that her fate was less hopeful.

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It’s a similar analogy to episode 3 with Bill and Frank. Love can flourish in a hell like that of cordycepsbut that it prospers is unlikely. Time is never in favor of the characters in The Last of Us. Total happiness is as elusive as carrying a potential cure on Ellie’s shoulders. There are only two episodes left to finish the story, save Joel and humanity by the way, taking Ellie to Salt Lake City. Will they make it and we will see giraffes? Surely but uncertainly it will be so. 🍄

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