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The Last of Us on HBO hides an Uncharted Easter Egg at the request of Naughty Dog… but you have to be a lynx to discover it


The Last of Us on HBO hides an Uncharted Easter Egg at the request of Naughty Dog… but you have to be a lynx to discover it

The universes of The Last of Us and Uncharted coincide again, although this time it is in a completely different medium: television. The second episode of The Last of Us, the series already broadcast on HBO, has been directed, in fact, by himself Neil Druckman and it has surprised us again with traced situations and very well distributed differences that enrich the original video game. One of them, by the way, is a shiny easter egg to the Naughty Dog adventure saga.

Let’s start with the essentials: as could be seen in the subsequent podcast and the notes of the second episode, Tess’s character has been greatly expanded in the series. After all, the television format allows us to offer perspectives beyond what the player experiences. Thus, Joel’s partner in dealings and commissions from her has more dialogues and relevant moments. And, between order and order, seems to have kept loot from a certain thief.

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Without going into details about what happened in the episode, during the course of the same Tess makes use of a very peculiar Zippo lighter with two very distinctive features: three stars, two of which surround the number 76. This is when fans of the Uncharted saga begin to draw their own smile.

As suspected, and as Naughty Dog itself has subsequently confirmed, It is the same lighter as Sam Drake, the brother of Nathan Drake, which he uses in Uncharted: A Thief’s End on several occasions. But how did that curious item end up in Tess’s hands?

The answer is given by Druckmann himself On twitter, who indicates that the lighter was made for the occasion at his own request when he was consulted by Warner what the desEsports Extrasof Tess’s lighter could be like. One more example of the advantages of having the creator of the video game to direct an episode.

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When the props department asked me if I’d like a particular desEsports Extrason Tess’s lighter… I couldn’t help it. Also, they were kind enough to make an extra one for Sam Drake himself.

What do you mean they gave one to Sam Drake? Basically, that there are two identical lighters: the one that Tess uses and another that was created specifically for Troy Baker, the original voice of Joel in the video games, who also participates in the series itself.

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The Last of Us on HBO: everything you need to know to enjoy it if you haven't tried the games

The Last of Us series hides tons of references to video games and beyond. Our partner Alberto made a brand new compilation of those from the first episode and Juan Sanmartín once again gave us a comprehensive review of the second. Making it very clear that the adaptation is perfectly on track and ahead of the expectations generated for those who are passionate about the video game.

series of The Last of Us It is broadcast every week after dawn from Sunday to Monday on HBO Max at the rate of a new episode each day. Ahead, seven more episodes and a journey full of emotions and mixed feelings. With elements like this it is clear that the project is in the best hands.

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