The Last of Us on Switch? A certain vision of horror

Tom Henry

the last of us on switch? a certain vision of

PlayStation exclusive The Last of Us has landed on Nintendo Switch with a different version. A spine-chilling clone. We present to you The Last Hope: Dead Zone Survival.

Naughty Dog’s masterpiece, The Last of Us, was released on three platforms: PS3, PS4 and PS5 with TLOU Part 1. Versions that improve the Dogs’ baby from a technical point of view. And also gameplay as part of the PlayStation 5 remake. Nobody expected to see the game on Nintendo Switch. It was without counting on the publisher Virtual Global Games which today offers its version at a bargain price. Watch your eyes, it stings badly.

The Last of Us on Nintendo Switch, it looks like this

In the vast world of the eShop, you can find everything. Big AAA games that make an impression like Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, the best of the independent scene with the two Hotline Miami or Hollow Knight and even apps that shamelessly plagiarize the successes of other consoles. Less budget and quality as with this copy of The Last of Us published by Virtual Global Games.

As his model, The Last Hope: Dead Zone Survival offers to embody a male hero who will be joined by a young girl. Two imitations of Joel and Ellie with few differences. To create a bit of an illusion, the developers still took a minute to dress the main character in a hoodie (green, of course) instead of a shirt. Like The Last of Us, you have to survive in a post-apocalyptic world and “save the girl” According to the description on the Nintendo site.

“The Last Hope: Dead Zone Survival is an intense story-driven game set in an apocalyptic world overrun by hordes of ravenous zombies. As the main character, your only goal is to survive and find a way to escape the nightmarish chaos that surrounds you. To endure the challenges ahead, you must undertake daring missions that test your survival skills. Every mission you take on can mean the difference between life and death. […] Each location presents its own set of challenges bringing you closer to your ultimate goal: escape the city on a boat to a safer haven and rescue the girl, because every life matters when all you have left is the last hope.”

A more horrifying take on The Last of Us with spooky visuals and load times. On the other hand, it is available for the modest sum of 0.99€ in promotion, against 8.99€ in normal times. And this is not the publisher’s first attempt.

To wait until the release of The Day Before

The publisher Virtual Global Games is indeed not at its first attempt. On the Nintendo Switch eShop, you can also buy Gangster Life: Criminal Untold, Cars, Theft, Police. A good fat rip-off from GTA. Again, it fortunately does not exceed the 10€ mark. But at €4.99, it’s already too high for what it is.

This kind of productions, which some will call scams, can make you think of The Day Before. A future post-apo MMO inspired by The Last of Us and The Division. But for the moment, it is above all a ghost game that is causing a scandal. Fntastic studio (Propnight) is accused of plagiarism, but not only. Despite gameplay presentations, which are scary, there would be no concrete project. So it would be a scam. What the developers have formally denied on several occasions, giving us an appointment on November 10. It is on this date that we should be able to play it, but nothing is won.

The game’s Steam listing, which was deleted due to a bug according to Fntastic, has not been restored. It should ” Soon “ be the case, as for several months. A few weeks ago, a new trailer without any gameplay snippets was released. A trailer that leaves doubts. We see a Lamborghini rushing at full speed in a city. Which contrasts with what we have seen before. Even if there is a little survival side in mode I’m a legend, we still wonder all this goes. We will normally know in November… or not! If the game really comes out on this date, we are not immune to another bad clone of The Last of Us X The Division.

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