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The Last of Us Part 1, suffers a slight delay on PC, will arrive on March 28

Naughty Dog announced through of their social networks that the remastering of The Last of Us, in its version for PC, has suffered a delay. Although this game was going to arrive on Steam and the Epic Games Store the next March 3rdfinally it will on March 28. In other words, the game will now arrive two weeks after the end of the first season of the series based on the game on HBO.

According to the studio, The Last of Us Part 1 will face an extended stage of polishing. In other words, the game was not as optimized as they believed. With the series in mind, the developers indicated that they wanted the game to live up to it. Of course, you have to remember that This game already arrived last year on PlayStation 5 (September 22). In this way it is strange that they still require more additional time to polish the PC version. Perhaps that explains why today, we don’t know the requirements yet of this game for PC

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The new date of The Last of Us Part 1 is March 28

In this way, the game almost 3 weeks late. It is clear that we are behind a great study, and a title that now seeks to make money for PC users. Given the game market, a delay is always appreciated, rather than launching a game with problems. Of course, let’s hope that the PC version offers improvements compared to the PlayStation 5 version at the level of visual quality.


It will be time to wait for the company announce game requirements to get an idea of ​​what we can expect at the level of optimization. In essence, judging the visual quality of the trailers against the demand of the hardware.

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Official statement from Naughty Dog

The Last of Us Part 1

The Last of Us fans,

Let’s get to the point. We initially announced that the launch of The Last of Us Part I for PC would take place on March 3, but we have decided to push its release date back a few weeks. It will now be out on March 28.. We at the studio have been completely blown away by the outpouring of love and support The Last of Us has received in recent weeks.


Hearing your love for the HBO adaptation, seeing your precious Photo Mode snapshots, and knowing that the world and characters our studio created nearly a decade ago continue to reach fans new and old, it excites us every day. We know that many of you have been revisiting the story that started it all with The Last of Us Part I on the PlayStation 5 console, and we know that many of you are looking forward to taking the leap – some for the first time – when Part I come to PC.

That’s why we want to make sure The Last of Us Part I debuts on PC in the best possible conditions. These additional weeks will allow us to ensure that this version of The Last of Us lives up to your and our standards. We’re excited to bring The Last of Us Part I to a new platform, reaching new and returning players with Joel and Ellie’s unforgettable story of survival, and we hope you’ll still look forward to its release on PC on March 28.

The Naughty Dog team appreciates your support and enthusiasm, and we look forward to sharing more information about the PC version of The Last of Us Part I soon.


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