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The Last of Us Part I delays its release on PC by three weeks

Naughty Dog has announced through a statement in social networks that the version for computers of The Last of Us Part I it is delayed a few weeks: initially its release on PC was scheduled for March 3, but the developer has made the decision to postpone it until Tuesday March 28. In the text shared by the company, no specific reasons for the delay are given, beyond the fact that they need more time to polish the adaptation and publish it in the best possible way.

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A remake unexpected, but very well received

Although the PC version is not available yet, this remake Of the first The Last of Us It has been published on PS5 for a while: they will be released on the console next-gen from sony in September of last year placing itself on the list of best sellers in some countries such as the United Kingdom.


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In vandal we were able to play it at that time to tell you in our analysis that it is “the best version of this great game and its expansion that exists. A remake extremely faithful that dazzles us with an incredible technical section and adds little improvements here and there to make the driving experience even more satisfying.”

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