The Last of Us Part III could be a reality and will arrive soon according to reports

Tom Henry

the last of us part iii could be a reality

Naughty Dog has already hinted that The Last of Us Part III is in development, the natural assumption would be that a trilogy is in the future of the post-apocalyptic series. Several ‘insiders’ have also claimed that The Last of Us Part III is already in production and that it is being developed for PlayStation 6.

The latest rumors come from the Twitter user @ViewerAnon. In a since-deleted tweet, he claims that “Ellie is at least as important in LAST OF US PART III as she was in PART II.” The insider added: “All I can say is that I have been very vocal for a long time that THE LAST OF US PART III is in development and others are finally taking notice. There is a lot of filming going on this year.”

As reported, when ViewerAnon claims it’s filming this year, they’re talking about motion capture. Also, to add context to these recent reports, video game news curator, @RinoTheBouncher tweeted that Ellie will not be the main character. So perhaps, like The Last of Us Part II, there will be at least two main playable characters. Only time will tell.

The game is claimed to focus on a group of looters who gather inside a Victorian home and Naughty Dog is reportedly looking to hire a “diverse group of new characters.” Even so, RinoTheBouncher suggests that the information about The Last of Us Part III could be confused with multiplayer gameplay.

It is worth remembering that all rumors and speculation should be taken with a grain of salt until proven otherwise. However, we do know that The Last of Us multiplayer is coming at some point and Part III is pretty much a given. Hopefully Naughty Dog and Sony will reveal everything in the coming months.

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