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The Last of Us Season 2: news that will disappoint fans of the series

the last of us season 2: news that will disappoint

Season 2 of The Last of Us is not ready to see the light of day. The sequel to the HBO adaptation is among many programs affected by the writers’ strike.


License The Last of Us chain the hard blows. After the PC port at the chaotic launch, production on season 2 of the HBO series was put on hold due to the writers’ strike in Hollywood. It is now the next game in the franchise, The Last of Us Factions, which is in bad shape. Bloomberg reporter Jasons Schreier revealed that Naughty Dog has reportedly downsized significantly on its free-to-play multiplayer. The Californian studio tried to limit the damage by explaining that it needed more time, but several sources point to an uncertain future for the game service. As bad news never comes alone, it’s HBO’s turn to be the bearer of an ugly announcement for season 2 of The Last of Us.

The Last of Us season 2 not before 2025

The Last of Us license will soon celebrate its tenth anniversary. A saga that has established itself as a must-have on the PlayStation, with its first two games. It nevertheless experienced a resurgence at the start of the year thanks to the broadcast of the HBO series which was a monstrous success. Naturally, the entertainment giant quickly ordered a sequel, which should touch only part of the events of TLOU 2. Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, at the head of the project, immediately announced the color: a single season will not will be enough to cover everything. The duo seemed to have a well-defined vision for the adaptation, but while filming should have started at the end of the year, events unfolding in Hollywood will delay the whole thing. Season 2 of The Last of Us is clearly impacted by the writers’ strike and the consequences are already being felt.

While the American company initially envisaged a broadcast for the current 2024, the plans are now uncertain. Francesca Orsi, head of HBO’s drama programs, is not the most reassuring. According to her, he it’s still too early to find out if The Last of Us Season 2 will hit our screens in 2025 or if a bigger delay is to be expected. ” We plan to air Season 2 sometime in 2025 “, she finally decided. However, she recalls that it is still impossible to define precisely to what extent the strike will impact each program and it could be that a greater delay could be envisaged.


Production shut down

Craig Mazin being part of the WGA (Writers Guild of America), the next episodes find themselves devoid of scenarios. Impossible to start filming under these conditions and the search for future actors would now be done with the script of the video game directly. Production has already slowed considerably and the situation does not seem to be improving across the Atlantic. The two parties are probably still far from reaching an agreement. It remains to be seen if they will manage to get it right soon and if The Last of Us season 2 will manage to be filmed early next year. One thing is certain: fans will have to take their troubles patiently before discovering the rest of the adventures of Joel and Ellie on the small screen.

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