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The Last of Us season 2: the series is far from dead, get ready

the last of us season 2: the series is far

Season 2 of HBO’s The Last of Us is highly anticipated. What if a big surprise landed in addition to these new episodes? Showrunner Craig Mazin gives us great hope.


Fans of The Last of Us had high expectations ahead of the HBO adaptation’s release. They were served, since the series released last year has everything from a masterpiece. The talent of showrunners Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, but also the cult duo of actors made up of Pedro Pascal (Joel) and Bella Ramsey (Ellie) made this possible. From now on, the public is impatiently waiting for season 2, but it could also have a nice surprise in addition to these new episodes…

Spin-offs from The Last of Us series discussed

In an interview with The Wrap media, showrunner Craig Mazin was asked about the potential production of spin-offs around secondary characters, in addition to season 2. Despite the hard work required to adapt The Last of Us 2, the man does not at all close the door to this idea. Which should delight the public. ” I’m not opposed to the idea of ​​other series that could be inspired by these characters or this world. My great hope is that if this happens, it will be done with as much care, respect and love as what we are applying to do right now. says Craig Mazin. A statement that teases the future of The Last of Us series? What is certain is that she is far from dead. The lore could therefore be expanded other than through a season 3.

Remember that Naughty Dog’s video game franchise only has one DLC, Left Behind, which HBO has already adapted with the seventh episode of The Last of Us series. first opus allows to discover the relationship between Ellie and Riley. A spin-off of the TV program would therefore be a small event since it would be a totally original story. It remains to be seen which character it could be centered on. Tommy? Bill? Ellie’s mother? It will be a while before we find out.


Season 2 still expected for 2025

Before possible additional series, it is indeed season 2 of the series The Last of Us which is expected. And it should be particularly dark and disturb the public according to Bella Ramsey. Moreover, showrunner Craig Mazin recently declared that no character in the series, even the main ones, was immune to death. Game of Thrones fans will be on familiar ground, but the others will have to have their hearts set before embarking on this season 2. Remember that these new episodes will probably arrive in the course of the year 2025. An estimate given by Francesca Orsi, director of drama series at HBO.

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