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The Last of Us series: This is the FEDRA and its task

If you don't understand what FEDRA is, you can find out more here.

If you don’t understand what FEDRA is, you can find out more here.

In the post-apocalyptic world of The Last of Us, the so-called FEDRA is one of the most important major factions. FEDRA soldiers played a key role in the very first episode, which aired on Sky/Wow last Monday. But if you’re still not quite sure who these people are and what they want, we’ll summarize everything you need to know.


Here’s what you need to know about the faction

FEDRA is short for “Federal Disaster Response AgencyIn the pilot episode, for example, we meet one of their soldiers when he is talking to Joel about smuggled goods. Later, the same man stops him, Tess and Ellie as they want to leave the quarantine zone.

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FEDRA is basically the military government in the post-apocalyptic USA, who call the shots in the secured zones. They came to power shortly after the crisis erupted. The zones exist in The Last of Us universe in cities spread across North America. While there are people living outside of these zones, which will play a role in later episodes of the series, FEDRA wields tremendous power as the leader of the organized safe areas.

This is already evident in the first episode, in which we experience how hard and strictly regulated life in the quarantine zone of Boston is. While FEDRA ensures the safety of the residents, from what we see it can also be described as a dictatorial government. You are in control of important resources like food and weapons.

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In this teaser you get a small preview of the next episodes:


The Last of Us - New teaser shows what awaits you in the next episodes



The Last of Us – New teaser shows what awaits you in the next episodes

But there is also resistance, not just isolated, but also in the form of a movement called “Fireflies“. Its members, led by Marlene, are FEDRA’s most dangerous adversaries.

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We also get to know them in the pilot episode. In case everything that had to do with this grouping went too fast for you, we explain it to you here:

That's the Fireflys and that's what they want to achieve


Already knew?

That’s the Fireflys and that’s what they want to achieve


The series adaptation of The Last of Us started this week. The pilot episode has been available on the Sky/Wow streaming service since Sunday night. The total of nine episodes come out weekly, so you can watch the next episode from early Monday morning. You can find our overview of all dates here.

Did you understand right away who FEDRA is?