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The Last of Us Series: Waiting for all episodes is taking too long

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Many of you will watch a new episode every week.

Many of you will watch a new episode every week.

The HBO adaptation of The Last of Us has just premiered on Sky/Wow, and we wanted to know ahead of time what your plans are for the series. First of all, we were interested in general whether you will watch them, but also how: So, whether you rush into each new episode on a weekly basis or wait until all episodes are available and then binge through them in one go.


Most of you check in every week

  • 47% look at you a new episode every week (1,538 votes)
  • 29% would like to Take a look, but don’t want to take out a Sky subscription (965 votes)
  • 17% just waituntil all episodes are available (559 votes)
  • 7% are not interested at all in the series (230 votes)
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Total votes: 3292 (as of January 20, 2023, 11:32 a.m.)

If you are still undecided whether and how you want to watch the series in the future and want to find out more about the broadcast, you can find it here our overview with all episodes and dates:

The Last of Us series on SkyWow: schedule of all episodes - date


more on the subject

The Last of Us series on Sky/Wow: schedule of all episodes – date


You mentioned these reasons

So the vast majority will be hanging in front of the screen on a weekly basis and follow how Ellie and Joel’s journey continues. For example, Flooraimer reveals in the comments: “I’ll treat myself to the new episodes weekly once they’re out 🙂“. Many of you are seeing the benefits of weekly new releases. Harty notes, “You can get through the series in a few days in one go. Maybe on a weekend. With weekly publication, you will accompany us for 9 weeks! Find it better that way.

You can find a small foretaste of what awaits you in the next episodes here:

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The Last of Us - New teaser shows what awaits you in the next episodes

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The Last of Us – New teaser shows what awaits you in the next episodes


On the other hand, elduderido gives cause for concern: “I have to watch the series in one go, otherwise I’ll get out of it too quickly.” SirThomas also finds: “Of course in one fell swoop, the weekly scraps are annoying 🙂“.

Captainblack is one of those who don’t want to buy a Sky/Wow subscription: “I’m waiting for the BluRay. I will not subscribe to just one series.“Many of you have reported subscribing to several other streaming services.

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Of course there are also some of you who don’t feel like going out with Ellie and Joel (again), at least for the moment. Durzo, for example, belongs to this faction: “I’ll pass first. I like the games, but I have to say that at the moment I’m not in the mood for a series in an apocalyptic setting, especially since I already know many aspects of the story. But that doesn’t mean that I won’t watch her later, especially when she gets good. […]“.


In any case, we are already excited to see what the new episode will bring next Monday and what differences we can discover from the game. You can find out in her column why Linda finds the series exciting, even though she knows The Last of Us like the back of her hand.

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