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The Last of Us Series: Your favorite episode isn’t about Joel and Ellie

Your favorite episode from season 1?  you have chosen!

Your favorite episode from season 1? you have chosen!

The finale of The Last of Us series aired on March 13th. The dramatic series with Bella Ramsey as Ellie and Pedro Pascal as Joel was convincing until the end. This makes the first season one of the best series adaptations of a video game ever.

A strong performance, which we wanted to break down in a little more detail in a survey. That’s why we recently asked you which of the nine episodes of the first season you liked the most. Here we present the (not entirely spoiler-free) result.


Bill and Frank played into your heart

With 585 votes, episode 3, which focuses on the love story between Bill and Frank, beat David in episode 8 (261 votes) by a wide margin. Sam and Henry follow in third place with only 70 votes less. The controversial finale made it to fourth place.

Here is the entire result:

  1. Episode 3 (Bill & Frank) – 585 votes, 38%
  2. Episode 8 (David) – 261 votes, 17%
  3. Episode 5 (Sam & Henry) – 191 votes, 12%
  4. Episode 9 (Finale) – 169 votes, 11%
  5. Episode 1 (Sarah) – 103 votes, 7%
  6. Episode 2 (Tess) – 85 votes, 6%
  7. Episode 7 (Riley) – 70 votes, 5%
  8. Episode 6 (Tommy) – 45 votes, 3%
  9. Episode 4 (Rebels) – 29 votes, 2%

Total votes: 1,538 (as of March 22, 2023 around 1:50 p.m.)

Your opinions on the first TLoU season

The comments of the survey are a good indication of how satisfied you are with the entire series. So it wasn’t that easy to choose a favorite episode. Mr. Tentacle Guy voted for episode 9 (4th place), but makes it quite clear with a few examples:


“Basically, a lot of things were good. Episode 3 was remembered positively overall, the 30-minute intro in episode 1, scenes with the clickers, the end of episode 8, character moments between Joel and Ellie… there were good moments many to name.”

It’s no coincidence that so many of you voted the third episode #1. The high level of emotionality and the new treatment of the relationship between Bill and Frank, which takes up far less space and scope in the game, are two frequently cited reasons:

“Episode 3! Expanded on the relationship of the game originals giving them even more meaning and a ‘better’ dynamic. No dry eyes left. From script to acting one of the best TV episodes ever.”


GamePro user copythat24

Here you can see the teaser again for the episode with Bill and Frank:

The Last of Us Series - In the third installment we finally meet a popular character



The Last of Us Series – In the third installment we finally meet a popular character

Second place, the episode in which Ellie has to deal with David, scores above all with the dramatic ending. How Ellie has to defend herself against David can be taken as the “high point of the story” before Joel and Ellie finally arrive at the Fireflies and the real finale is imminent.

In your comments, however, there are a few points of criticism that even an exceptional series like The Last of Us cannot do without: too few infected people, an incomprehensible hype, lengthyness – although this refers to the entire series. But with season 2 there is a chance for improvement.


Did you expect the result? Feel free to write us further opinions about the episodes here in the comments.