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The last Trackmania will make the leap to Xbox, PlayStation and Stadia in 2023

The latest edition of trackmania reach consoles and cloud gaming services in 2023 after releasing in 2020 for PC. The version that will be available in PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia and Amazon Luna (this service is not yet in USA) will follow the same business model: the base game is free, but some of its functions require a subscription with two different premium plans.

The premiere on consoles, Stadia and Luna will be the addition of cross play and cross progress. The contents already available on PC will also be in the rest of the versions, so there will be parity between systems and users will be able to access the more than 208,000 tracks created by the community.

is added a new customization system which will allow players to unlock evolving vehicle skins based on their driving skills, as well as their achievements, in certain parts of the game. The premiere on consoles incorporate all versions 150 new blocks and items to customize the circuits.

In trackmania you can, in addition to testing and racing on the circuits created by the community with the thousands of blocks and objects availablecompete in the Royal mode and in the ranked modes, as well as participate in the official season campaigns They appear every three months.

What does the subscription include? trackmania?

Regarding the subscription models mentioned above, premium access unlocks the eSports events like the Cup of the Day, more community-oriented online features like the clubs of trackmania (to share vehicle customizations), organize private rooms and create campaigns and competitions own.

“East trackmania does not intend to reinvent an entertaining series that is still being played, and editions with 15 years behind them are still active”, we said in the PC review. “It is rather an attempt to adapt the game to the model that is providing so much money in the battle royale and certainly the free mode is very appetizing to see if we’re going to get hooked on its gameplay and modes.”


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