The latest trailer for Lies of P confirms its release in August this year

Many studios have tried to follow in the footsteps of Dark Souls and/or Bloodborne, FromSoftware’s ARPGs, but few have had any noteworthy success in the genre. However, some upcoming projects promise a lot, and now we finally know what month one of the most anticipated is coming.

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Round 8 Studio and NEOWIZ have brought us a trailer revealing that Lies of P, the brilliant mix of Pinocchio and Bloodborne (which its creator said he was “honored” by the comparison), will be released on PC, PlayStation and Xbox (included in Exit Game Pass) sometime this month of August.

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In the trailer we see how a strange slimy shape takes control of a decomposed puppet to turn it into an abomination, while the voice-over (of the villain, none other than Geppetto) tells us of his evil plan to subjugate humanity. It goes without saying that we will have something to object to in this regard based on blows.

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Lies of P