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The latest Warhammer game hits it on Steam, with 72% negative reviews and several controversies

Of all the Warhammer video games that have come out, without a doubt the most peculiar title of all it’s blood bowl. The American football saga based on the Warhammer Fantasy universe has always been eccentric and attention-grabbing, but its third installment is now in the limelight for more than just how weird it is. its release nothing is going well and the players are furious.


All the games have negative reviews. Even the best powerhouses are going to find people who, plain and simple, don’t like their proposal. 72% of these peopleon the other hand, it is not something normal, but it is a worrying situation, which Cyanide Studio is facing.

But why is the community so upset about Blood Bowl 3? If we look at their Steam reviews, we see a variety of complaints. From blunders and lack of content, even problems in its online game and a monetization that is being virulently criticized, the state of the title is not liking at all. Finally, the bonuses for reserving the special edition of the game were dice to all playerss regardless of which one they would have purchased, making those who have paid more feel ripped off.

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Far from ignoring the criticism, the Blood Bowl 3 developers have issued a statement addressing the criticism from the community. As they have communicated, they will not withdraw the rewards that all players have received, but will give 1,000 extra Warpstones (1,500 to those who have purchased in early access) to those affected.

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In the field of monetization, they have clarified that they seek to implement ways to get the cosmetics that they sell for real money through playing the title, thus expanding the rewards that those who do not want to participate in the microtransactions that the study offers can receive. Specifically, they have said that they will implement a level system that will have the following rewards:


  • 1,000 Warpstones
  • 8 common items with the same quality as those in the shop
  • 24 rare items
  • 8 epic items

As if all this were not enough, the players are also angry about a series of leaks that they have hit the sports title. With several teams that are theoretically finished, but not present in the title to be sold separately, Cyanide Studio has also addressed this issue. Your answer has been deny that they are finishedstating that they are still in the oven.

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Blood Bowl 3 Image

Regarding the state of the game, its creators admit that currently its state is not ideal, and that they will work to fix all your problems. At the moment, yes, we do not have a list of patches or concrete promises about how they are going to improve a release that has been worryingly criticized by its players.