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The latest Windows 11 update slows down WiFi and SSDs

There is no great Windows update without its classic errors. Sometimes they are lighter and don’t even affect the players, but when things go wrong, they can cause us a few headaches and encounter crashes and performance problems on our equipment.

This is exactly what is happening with Update KB5023706 for Windows 11 22H2known internally as Moment 2 which is intended to fix previous bugs and include new features like a search engine in the taskbar but it comes with some bugs under its arm.


Among these failures we find an error with one of the security tools, blue screens of death, a Wi-Fi slowdown after installing the update and the one that seems the most serious, slowdown of the read and write speed of some SSDs.


this mistake seems to only affect certain modelswith several players reporting this bug and seeing how file transfer speeds or system boot time has increased dramaticallyI find that, on the other hand, Microsoft itself has already admitted.

How to fix Windows 11 error that slows down the SSD

While Microsoft works on an update to correct the bug through a patch, Those from Redmond have given a temporary solution that involves entering certain commands in the command prompt tool to perform secure file transfers or copies, something quite cumbersome and that can be complicated if you do not have too many notions of computing.


Therefore, What we recommend is that, from the outset, you pause Windows 11 updates for a couple of weeks to give Microsoft time to fix the bug, which you can do by following these steps:

  • Click on the Magnifying Glass (Seeker) from the desktop taskbar.
  • Seeks “configuration” and click the gear icon.
  • Now go to “windows update” and click on it.
  • In this window you will see a button “Pause Updates” that will allow you to choose the time you want to pause them.

On the other hand, your equipment may have already been updated to the latest version (now we show you how to check it) and what you will need in this case is to uninstall this update, to do both follow these steps:

To check Windows 11 update history

  • Click on the magnifying glass seeker again.
  • search again configuration and click on the gear again.
  • Go back to windows update.
  • click on “Update History”.
  • Check for update KB5023706if it appears, you are on the version of Windows 11 that gives this error on certain SSDs.

To go back to the previous version of Windows 11

  • Don’t leave the screen from the previous step.
  • Go down and do click Uninstall updates.
  • Find the update KB5023706 and click uninstall.
  • Check that you have temporarily paused automatic updates for a couple of weeks.