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The release of Summum aeterna is getting closer, but before this happens, Aeternum Game Studios still has a roadmap planned for this 2023 with updates that promise to bring more content. One of these updates is Ragnarök, the sixth major update that has come to Summum Aeternaand this also brings a challenge up to the players.

Ragnarök, adds a new world including 2 new areas and which, as is the studio’s tradition, is crowned by a confrontation against a new final boss that will put the player’s skills to the test. The update also adds news regarding his majesty’s arsenal. In addition, along with all this, new enemies will arrive to make life more difficult for us if possible while we explore the new areas.

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The launch of Summum Aeterna is getting closer

The truth is that the name of this update leaves little to the imagination as to what we can find in the new world of Summum Aeterna. Also if we add to this that the new world is called Hyperborea, everything begins to take shape. We will visit a land beyond the north, which will take the King of Darkness to explore a landscape of glaciers, frozen forests and ice caves. Divided into two zones, Coast of the Fjords and Odin’s Bastion, the update adds more diversity of settings to a title that has not stopped growing in content since its early access began.

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But be very careful, this new area brings with it new enemies, to be more exact, nine new enemies will be waiting for us. From warriors seasoned in the art of hand-to-hand combat to all kinds of creatures based on Nordic folklore. AND As for the final boss of the new world… there will be three: Frindala, Sveneka and Astrida, known as Defenders of Valhalla. These warriors consider immortality an offense against Odin’s work, so the presence of the King of Darkness in his domain is intolerable.

To end, Summum aeterna also gets 6 new weapon ascensions. Let’s remember that this mechanic allows players to unleash the absolute power of the arsenal. With this, not only are the King’s combat options added, but also interesting conversations with NPCs and missions that we must complete to get the ascension diagrams. As you can see, the launch of Summum Aeterna on consoles and PC is getting closer, but there are still things to come to the title of Aeternum Game Studios