The layoffs at Bungie would amount to about 100 employees, 8% of its workforce

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the layoffs at bungie would amount to about 100 employees,

This week it was learned that Bungie had laid off part of its staff, including composer Michael Salvatori, and that there would be delays in Marathon and the expansion Destiny 2: The Final Form. Officially, no figures have been given, but a publication reveals the extent of these layoffs.

According to Bloombergthe number of affected workers would be around 100, or 8% of the total of the study. “Today is a sad day at Bungie,” confirmed Pete Parsons, CEO of Bungie, these days.

According to the articles, the income with Destiny 2 had been 45% lower than expected, partly due to criticism of the expansion Destiny 2: Eclipse. Internal comments with Destiny 2: The Final Form are positive, but not extraordinary, so it seems that Bungie will take more time to improve content. It is currently scheduled for February 27, although an announcement is expected to move it to June.

Marathonthe return of the license – now with a shooter extraction – has never had an announced date but now it will arrive in 2025which suggests that it was planned for next year.

What did we say about Destiny 2: Eclipse?

“Quiz Eclipsewhen we are two weeks away The Final Formit seems to us the best expansion in history, but at the moment that is not the case, and we find it difficult to recommend itas we have done with the previous two, for those who only come to this wonderful game once a year”, we say after playing Eclipse.

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