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The LEC fines Team Vitality for the use of a banned rune

This weekend finally started a League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC) that we were all looking forward to. See teams like koi either Team Hereticsthe new G2 Esports or the return of Martin Larsson “Rekkles» to the highest division of the European League of Legends was something that any fan wanted to enjoy.


However, it has not all been good news. The first day was marked by a series of pauses which provided a rather negative experience. Far from it, a player has been in the news in the last few hours. It’s about Luka Perkovic”Perkz«, midlaner of Team Vitality. As reported from Riot Games, the player used a forbidden rune during his match against Fnaticsomething that will take its toll.

The reason for the fine to Team Vitality: Perkz and a rune with Ryze

The person in charge of offering this information to the world was Maximilian Peter Schmidt, Director at EMEA League of Legends Esports. «Perkz used the rune walk on water, something that is prohibited in the professional game. The operations team has come to the conclusion that Perkz did not get any kind of advantage in the game. Likewise, Team Vitality will receive a fine as has happened on previous occasionsSchmidt said on Twitter.

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The reason for this prohibition is that when Ryze has this rune equipped and moves through the river he is able to recover mana going in and out of it. This allows him to have a very quiet laning phase and the ability to use his abilities at all times, something Ryze shouldn’t be able to do in the early game of a game.

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Of course, this news has not gone down well with part of the community. «Why don’t they disable it directly or communicate it publicly before the matches start instead of keeping it secret until it happens?«, is one of the questions that has been repeated the most on social networks after the announcement.

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