The Legend of Dragoon is now on sale for PS4 and PS5 with trophies included

Now that the February PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium games are already available on PS5 and PS4, some classics from the most expensive subscription catalog can also be purchased separately from the PS Store at a price of 9.99 in USA. It is the case of The Legend of Dragona cult JRPG that originally released in 2001 (one year after in North America and two years after in Japan) and that until now has not been playable on modern platforms.

Although it is the original version of this classic, and not a remakethe arrival of The Legend of Dragon to modern PlayStation consoles means that you bring along some new features that update the experience: for example, the version that we can buy now in the PS Store (or play in the PlayStation Plus Premium classics catalog) includes improved rendering, option to rewind, quick save and custom video filters.

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trophies of The Legend of Dragon on PS5 and PS4

In addition, another great news of the relaunch of The Legend of Dragon on modern consoles is that trophies have been added on PS5 and PS4. It is something that Sony is implementing in many of the classics that are added to the PS Plus Premium catalog. In this case, the game has a total of 47 trophiesmost of them related to the plot of the adventure: completing chapters, making new friends or defeating enemies are some of the objectives that we will have to meet to achieve these achievements, although there are also others related, for example, to accumulating a certain amount of money or collect all collectibles.

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Capture of the new version

“Discover a fantasy of splendor, deception, magical combat, and revenge by joining the swordsman Dart and his friends to harness the power of the Dragoon spirits and defeat evil”, we read in the description of The Legend of Dragon on PS Store, which continues: “With a unique and novel tactical combat system, transform into Dragoon and use extraordinary powers. Control different characters with unique weapons and elemental Dragoon attacks in this unforgettable role playing“.

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The Legend of Dragon is available on PS5 and PS4 with USAtranslationas well as in four other languages.