The “Lenovo Steam Deck” actually pulls more to Nintendo Switch. First images of the Legion Go leaked | Top News

the "lenovo steam deck" actually pulls more to nintendo switch.

Tom Henry

The “Lenovo Steam Deck” actually pulls more to Nintendo Switch. First images of the Legion Go leaked | Top News

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At the beginning of the month, we were already talking about the bet of Lenovo against the Steam Deck that had been leaked. The Legion Go It points out that the Chinese firm will join the war for the panorama of console-shaped laptops. Although the company has not yet officially confirmed the existence of this product, today we have more leaked dataincluding the first images of the device.

Opting for a desEsports Extrascloser to that of the Nintendo Switch than that of the Steam Deck or other similar equipment, the Legion Go It has detachable controls. We can know all this thanks to the exclusive images shared by the Windows Report portal, which reveal not only the desEsports Extrasof the machine, but also some control-level options that they can give a lot game.

First images of the Lenovo Legion Go

The images collected by Windows Report are surprising due to two factors: the first is the format that stands out from the rest of the competition, with controls that you can disconnect and a stand to play no need to hold the device. The second surprise comes, again, from the controls, which contain a series of buttons —iI guess programmable— on the sides and back, making them more versatile. Below you can see the official images:

Source: Windows Report

Lenovo Legion Go 3 Image

Source: Windows Report

Lenovo Legion Go 1 Image

Source: Windows Report

Lenovo Legion Go 2 Image

Source: Windows Report

As for technical data, we already knew that it was going to use Windows 11 from the start and that inside it there will be a new AMD chip that aims to give a complete gaming experience. On the other hand, despite the fact that we do not have official data, the fact that you can remove the controls from the device may mean that the screen will have touch capabilities. Finally, also there are two USB-C ports and a microSD card slot.

We still do not have more data on the specifications of the machine -such as storage, RAM, TDP or expandability-, although the fact that we already have official photos, even if they are leaked, could indicate that Lenovo is preparing to officially introduce it to society. For now, she has to wait.

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