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The Little Mermaid “The Little Mermaid” will be more feminist than the original

The new movie of Disney, The Little Mermaid “The Little Mermaid”, It has not stopped creating controversy since its announcement. Many tore their clothes when they found out about the race change from the original story to that of an Afro-descendant, who will be played by actress Halle Bailey. The actress has received hundreds of criticisms just for being cast in the lead role.

However, it is not the only change in the beloved story as we know it. Now, it has a twist, that if it appears in the final cut, it will give us a completely different plot. We all remember that the little mermaid sacrifices her voice to save the prince in the animated movie. Well, for this new production, we will have a more feminist little mermaid who will not do such an act because: it is about of herself, her purpose, her freedom, her life and what she wants, as Halle Bailey revealed in a recent interview in Edition magazine.


“I am very excited for my version of the film because we have definitely changed that perspective that only she wants to leave the ocean for a boy, it is much bigger than that. It’s about herself, her purpose, her freedom, her life and what she wants.”

In addition, she went on to say that she is excited that Disney is updating the theme that women are amazing, modern and independent. She also believes that children and adults should normalize them in animated films.