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The LoL community is fed up after seeing the Valorant Champions format

Few hours have passed since Riot Games revealed more details of the VALORANT Champions 2022. Among them we find the format of the tournament. Yes ok the community of shooter she is quite happy With what was revealed by Riot Games, it seems that the League of Legends community is quite upset. So we have seen in subreddit of the MOBA, where a great frustration on the part of the players is appreciated.

For a long time, many fans and even players are frustrated with the format of the World Championship. And it is that from the community it is requested a double elimination format from the playoffs. With this system, a greater hype and some teams could even gain more traction heading into the following games. And that is the problem: Riot has always refused to implement it in the international LoL event but now there will be something like that in VALORANT Champions 2022.


The double elimination format in World’sa demand from the LoL community

If we look at the big competitive leagues in League of Legends, we can see that they all have that double-elimination format. However, in World’s It’s not something that Riot Games wants to implement. Of course, this has upset the community, since in the World Cup VALORANT yes, they are going to follow a system of this style.

Some users claim that it’s frustrating to wait a year to see these best of five and that in some cases they are not even competitive. «How many good best-of-fives did we get at Worlds?“, the fans ask.


In the past there was talk of a possible reconsideration when carrying out the next editions of World’s. However, we have seen that this year is the same as the rest of the editions.

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