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The Lords of the Fallen developers set out to create a ‘Dark Souls 4.5’

The sequel to Lords of the Fallen It has been in development for almost 10 years but if there is no change of plans The Lords of the Fallen be ready in 2023 for PC, Xbox Series and PlayStation 5. Hexworks has worked on this soulslike or Action RPG with a very clear idea, as revealed to the EDGE publication: create a “Dark Souls 4.5” which is up to the FromSoftware games.

From the beginning the studio sought a spiritual sequel to Demon’s Souls and the three Dark Soulsand did not change his mind after the success of Elden Ring, FromSoftware’s open world RPG. The connections with the Lords of the Fallen original are scarce and has grown greatly in ambition, with aa five times greater expanse of interconnected locations.

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One of its newest mechanics is the Threshold, the world of the dead. its atmosphere has been inspired by the work of HR Giger, Zdzisław Beksiński and Olivier de Sagazan. Sometimes the real world and the Threshold will be mixed, and the player will be able to switch between them to discover new routes – a similar idea to the change of planes in soul reaver-. When you die you will return to the equivalent of the bonfires and you can try to recover the “coin” of experience, but there is also the possibility of entering Umbral to return to the real world; those, in this world healing items are not as effective and increase a madness gauge.

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An adventure between two parallel worlds

In The Lords of the Fallen We will explore these two realities with the mission to overthrow Adyr. “While the realm of men presents brutal challenges of its own, unimaginable horrors lurk in the cataclysmic realm of the dead,” says CI Games. “Only those who master this complex tactical combat can survive. Choose between Hundreds of brutal unique weapons or forgo metal to master magic and its powerful arcane attacks“.

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The Lords of the Fallen ser

In a similar way to the Soulswe will can overcome hazards solo or invite a second player to join us in seamless online co-op. However, playing online also opens the possibility of receiving invasions. “Die in the human realm and rise again in the realm of the dead. You have one last chance to come back to life as you face evil creatures of all kinds.”