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The Lords of the Fallen has a boss almost identical to Malenia, from Elden Ring

cezar virtosucreative director of The Lords of the Fallen, recently revealed that the team working on the game at hexworks He “braced for shock” when Elden Ring was released, waiting to see how similar his game was to FromSoftware’s latest RPG.

In a recent interview with Edge magazine (thanks, GamesRadar) it was also revealed that The Lords of the Fallen not only features similar desEsports Extrasaspects to Elden Ring, but also has a boss that looks a lot like Malenia.

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Malenia “the sword of Miquella” it’s a name that will send most Elden Ring players shuddering and spiraling into warlike memories of the time spent trying to defeat this incredibly tough foe. So, if we are going to have a similar enemy in The Lords of the Fallen, we can only pray hope it’s not that hard to beat.

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Virtosu has also said that the comparison to the Soulsborne series puts a lot of pressure, especially after the release of Elden Ring. “People have asked me, ‘Do you have horseback combat? Do you have an open world?’

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But it seems that the developers of The Lords of the Fallen are deeply appreciative of the influence of FromSoftware’s work. “Miyazaki is our father and our grandfather,” says Virtosu. “Without him, we wouldn’t have a job.”

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