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The lore of VALORANT and its possible changes for the future

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VALORANT is the tactics shooter by RiotGames. It officially arrived on our devices in June 2020 and since then it has not stopped growing. the developer has put special care in this video game and we have seen it in recent months. From competitive to casual play itself, Riot wants VALORANT to continue growing in all its areas.

Alberto Delgado «Bertiux«, Brand Manager of VALORANT, spoke with ESPM News about the video game and everything that is related to it: birth, evolution, current growth and much more. He even talked about the lore by VALORANT and everything that could mean for the growth of this IP outside of the video game itself.


Will VALORANT have a lore more marked in the future?

At Riot Games they have a video game with a lot of history behind them, League of Legends. The MOBA has a unique universe that is very difficult to imitate. Nevertheless, VALORANT is much more complicated to follow in the footsteps of its older cousin. «League of Legends is many years ahead, has many champions, different regions and his lore gives you to make 50 Lord of the Rings moviesBertiux stated.

The rioter highlights that VALORANT is much more humble in terms of lorealthough it hides many things that people do not know. “The story is much more elaborate than what is shown, although it is something intentional. It is something that players must discover little by little. From the brushstrokes found on the maps to the easter eggs that are arrivingAlbert confirmed.

What Bertiux perceives is that VALORANT will grow as they reach new markets. «There is still a lot of potential, for example the day I get to mobile devices. At the beginning we focused on the game and the players, as it should be, but I think that little by little everything will grow. No hurry, times have been good focusing on gameplay and not saturating with lore. Of course, that great universe will end up arriving. I don’t know if it’s the same dimension as LoL but we’ll keep working on it«, he finished.


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