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The LOUD player who dominates the EU ladder in VALORANT

It is not strange that at the time there is an international tournament in some electronic sport, foreEsports Extrasplayers try to conquer the region leaderboard. This is how it happens in League of Legendsfor example, and it’s happening in VALORANT taking advantage of the Champions 2022. And here we meet Gustavo Rossi «Sacy«, a LOUD player who has already managed to win the ladder European.

The Brazilian player has needed some time but finally done with it rank 1 from VALORANT European Region. If we pay attention to their points of ranked we can see that it has 807. Some numbers within the reach of very few players.


Sacy, LOUD player, bursts the ladder European from VALORANT

Currently the entire LOUD team, and therefore Sacy as well, is in Turkey. The reason is clear: Play a VALORANT Champions that we all want. LOUD is currently the main representative of Brazil and its clear intention is to give a good image in international competition and, why not, get the trophy.

As we can see looking at the past, LOUD won both Challenger Stages of the VCT Brazil 2022. Despite losing to OpTic Gaming in the past, LOUD can make up for its past mistakes. And it is that the Brazilian group is in the B Group together with the OpTic team itself. On the other hand, in this group we find two other clubs such as ZETA DIVISION Y BOOM sports.


From LOUD they are clear that they can compete to lift this Champions 2022 and their goal is to be champions. In the organization itself they are clear that Brazil deserves to have a title of this caliber and they will fight with everything they have to win it. Will they be able to fulfill their purpose?

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