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The Lovecraftian monsters that have terrorized Elite Dangerous players since 1984 are developing new tactics

“Right now, the goal of Elite Dangerous is to tell a constant and continuous story that engages and entertains the players, something that encourages them to talk about the game and keeps them speculating about what happens next” they explain to me from the British team Frontier Developments. Even if the journey of his MMO has not always lived up to the expectations of the fans, at the moment those responsible are going through a critical moment: beyond the traditional flat narrative, now his science fiction universe it is understood as a complex organic and living machinery in constant movement.

If you are a newcomer to Elite Dangerous, you will be interested to know that the most experienced pilots of HIP 22460 lived a most interesting experiment in the last versions of the game: during the now finished arc of azimuththe eponymous company designed and used a super weapon called Proteus Wave against the thargoideslarge, hostile alien creatures that have been waging war (both literally and figuratively) since the original 1984 game.

“The Aftermath phase describes the period from the release of Update 13 in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey to whatever happens later in the game. update 14says a Frontier correspondent. “In narrative terms, it’s about ‘what happens next?’ now that the activation of Proteus Wave has gone horribly wrong.” More specifically, the events count “the escalation of the conflict between humanity and the thargoids since then”.

Although the relationship between the two is like that of the dog and the cat, in the game there is a faction called Far God Cult (FGC) revering the Thargoids—yet they are just one of many Agents facing this threat. “It’s inevitable that you’ll find a lot of stories told from the perspective of different characters or groups,” says Frontier. “During the Proteus Wave incident, for example, the FGC did not play a key factor, and opposed [al proyecto de Salvation]”. Let’s say, yes, that you are a new player wanting to get into the action without having any prior idea. Are you going to your luck? Does anyone tell you who those cultists are or what to expect from them?

Elite (1984) is the forerunner of WoW and other persistent worlds

About. From Frontier they assure that “we keep in mind that the players can want context for things that have happened in history and we’re determined to use our channels to keep doing that” so that if you visit the official website at any point in the fight against the Thargoids, you should eventually find the piece you’re looking for to find the position of this or that faction on the matter, for example “The Far God Cult is not going to disappear and there are many other groups that will continue the history of the game […] We’re excited to see how players respond to these stories as they unfold.”

Guild Wars 2 recovers the Tower of Nightmares, one of the darkest contents of the MMO that had been inaccessible for 9 years

It’s still too early to tell what Elite Dangerous: Odyssey update 14 will bring, but at least we know that the aliens that concern us are going to play a key role in the near future: “the thargoid threat has changedand there is much to come about it […] it’s safe to say they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.” Right now, you’ll find that as a result of Azimuth’s disastrous arc, the Thargoids are attacking players, in new and unpredictable ways, too—disabling certain ship technologies, for example. And according to what they tell me, “it’s just the beginning of what’s coming.”

In another order of things, for the experts: we still have no news of Raxxla.


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