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The Mafia saga returns with a new game! Its authors confirm the news during the 20th anniversary

Hangar 13 assures that there are still a few years to go before their next project comes to light.

Although it is a genre that does not have to be to everyone’s taste, fans of the police action and the gangster world have found their dream saga with Mafia. While Hangar 13, developers of the franchise, have been keeping their work alive with remastered versions, the rumor about a new project.

We’ve started work on a brand new Mafia project!Hangar 13This is what they comment on in a publication on the official Mafia website, where they celebrate the 20th anniversary of the brand remembering its trajectory. Although this serves to excite any follower of the saga, from Hangar 13 they wanted to raise the general illusion with a surprise news: “I am delighted to confirm that we have started working on a completely new Mafia project! It’s still a few years away and we can’t say anything else at this time, but we’re very excited to continue working on this much-loved series and entertaining players with new stories.”

Mafia TrilogyMafia Trilogy

Although no details about this new experience have been shared, it is very possible that Hangar 13 will bring back that thriller action that characterizes Mafia games so much. Be that as it may, we have to be attentive to all the publications of the studio and 2K regarding the development of this unexpected game.

If you are curious about this collection of titles and/or want to prepare yourself for what is going on in the offices of Hangar 13, we remind you that the developer published the Mafia Trilogy back in 2020. A perfect opportunity to discover or relive the three games of the saga through remastered versions that completely immerse us in each of its plots.

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