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The mechanic that players ask Riot to add in ARAM

ARAM is one of the most loved game modes in League of Legends. So much so that it eventually ended up becoming a permanent mode of the MOBA. Since it got to that point, Riot Games decided to make changes to certain champions so they wouldn’t be abusive during matches. All these changes are shown to us in the patch notes and, of course, during the game.

However, not all players know how these changes work. Some find out when they enter Howling Abyss itself. At that point it’s too late, so we could be using a character nerfed that hardly has any use within the ARAM itself.

What if Riot showed the damage balance in the ARAM pick phase?

Several players have commented through the subreddit of League of Legends the possibility of putting the damage of the champions and your balance in ARAM in the selection phase. With this, users will discover if it is really profitable to use that character in the game mode or, on the contrary, it is better to reserve it only for Summoner’s Rift.

Many players agree with this opinion. Some even believe that ARAM could have its own balance teamfocusing solely on this famous game mode for which many are even asking for a ranked mode.

What is clear is that ARAM has a lot of players who spend their hours on it. These users are demanding, since they know that the game mode is practically one of the most beloved of the MOBA. Now it remains to wait to find out if Riot Games will apply any changes for the future or, consequently, we will continue with the same dynamics as to date.

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