The Monopoly of the Super Mario movie arrives in Spain

the monopoly of the super mario movie arrives in spain

Tom Henry

The Monopoly of the Super Mario movie arrives in Spain

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Hasbro has just announced the launch in USA of a Monopoly Based on the Super Mario movie. This version of Monopoly joins others available on the market, such as Super Mario set in the universe of video games, among others. You can take a look at product description next:

Mario Bros fans will have the opportunity to enjoy incredibly fun afternoons with this new version of the classic Monopoly board game. They can enter the magical Mushroom Kingdom as they buy, sell and trade places from the Super Mario universe. Beloved characters from the movie, like Peach, Mario, Bowser, and Luigi, will be the pawns in the game. Also, instead of using money, players will use the gold coins from the classic video game.

However, they will have to watch out for Bowser, the mythical and cunning villain capable of exchanging property, stealing coins and even sending players to jail. They will live the exciting adventure of Super Mario through this game, which will allow them to take shortcuts through the Teleportation Pipes and obtain or lose coins with the Coin Blocks and Piranha Plants.

Monopoly Super Mario Bros. The Movie It’s an exciting gift for boys, girls, gamers, and fans of Mario and Monopoly ages 8 and up. Fun and adventure are guaranteed as players immerse themselves in the wonderful world of Super Mario.

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