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The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak bug that hurts your game

The August update for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak brought a nice collection of useful and interesting improvements to the expansion of the quintessential monster hunting game. Among them, we had access to the Laboratory of the Anomaly, managed by the scientist Bahari, who invites us to carry out research that gives rise to interesting battles, which in turn open up the possibility of making new weapons and armor with interesting properties. The latter has caused a serious error, related to the Qurio Artisan section of our guild card, something that could even damage our save data.

The previous announcement, with a temporary solution

In early September, the account official Monster Hunter account posted a tweet in which they commented that they were aware of the data corruption error of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak games in the Nintendo Switch version, advising to delete the last 10 guild cards that we had registered from other players, as a temporary solution. The message said the following:

We have confirmed an issue with some save files for the Nintendo Switch version of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, causing the following message: “The program has been closed due to an error”, which is displayed when you try to save or when you go to the loading screen.

When this issue occurs, you may not be able to save your game and/or your save data has been corrupted.

How to fix or prevent this error temporarily:

This error is caused because the save data is growing too large. If you are experiencing this issue, or if you notice that saves are taking longer than normal (the latter could also be caused by a number of other factors), you can fix or prevent the issue by deleting the last 10 guild cards.

We are trying to find a way to fix this error. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

An increase in the size of the game and the Artisan section of Qurio

This same week it has been announced that the specific origin of the error is already known. According to Capcom account, again, via the official Monster Hunter account, the error is due to a growth of the save datawhich makes it impossible for our console to load the game, or even to close the game when we try to save it.

The problem is in an option that will not be available until we have defeated our first monster from the Anomaly missions, and have “altered” our first piece of armor in the “Kurio Craft” forge section. To be more clear: yes we will be able to forge and equip these armor of special abilities, but We SHOULD NOT assEsports Extrasthem in the “Craftsman of Qurio” section of our guild cardas this could cause the game to not load, or even crash when trying to save.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak bug Artisan of Qurio
The “death section”

The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Team is working on a solution to this problem, commenting that this is a temporary solution. Soon we will surely receive an update that corrects it completely. We leave you with the translation of the official description of the error.

“If your save data grows too large, this could cause an error and cause the game to crash when you are saving or loading (note: there is no relationship between this error and issues related to illegally modified data. No We have not identified any save data issues as a result of having data from illegal missions.) As of version 11.0.2, we identified an issue related to the excessive increase in save files, when the player has put an altered armor in the “Craftsman of Qurio” section of their guild card (for a temporary fix of this problem, you can consult the announcement of last September 2).

To prevent the growth of your save files (and the aforementioned errors), please make sure you don’t assEsports Extrasany armor that has alterations in the “Alteration Status” section. That is, you can place an armor that has alterations activated, but in alteration state it indicates “no alteration”.

If you have assigned any armor sets like these in your “Craftsman of Qurio” section (on the guild card), we ask that you check and change it to avoid this save data issue.

We are continuing to work to fix this issue, and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”


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