The months of compensation for Game Pass family subscription users are already coming – Xbox

bad news: xbox family plan has temporarily ended in all

Tom Henry

The months of compensation for Game Pass family subscription users are already coming – Xbox

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We already notified you last month, and it is that the Game Pass Friends & Family subscription had finished its trial period in the countries it was in, including Colombia. After this news, it was not entirely clear when this service would end and the subscription of each person would be terminated. But this is already clear to us. well the mails are already arriving.

It all depends on the day you paid for the subscription, but for those who did it for the last time in July, it seems that mass emails are already arriving announcing the termination of this subscription and the gift of months as compensation. Even so, it seems that some are having trouble redeeming their code.

Redeem your Xbox Game Pass code after paying for the family plan

So if you were a part of this subscription anywhere in the world it was available, you should know how to redeem your compensation code for yourself and your friends or family. In theory, everyone should receive an email and a message to the Xbox account affiliated with the family plan with a thank you message and the gift code. If so, it is important to know the following information:

remaining time of Friends and Family Time that Ultimate members will receive

Less than 1 month

3 months

1 to 2 months

6 months

2 to 5 months

12 months

5 to 10 months

24 months

more than 10 months

36 months

Now, there is a problem when redeeming the code via email, because an error is popping up from the Xbox page indicating that it can only be redeemed if you are a new Game Pass user. To solve it, it’s simple, you just have to do it directly from your console, so it can be redeemed without problems.

There is no news about this family service, the latest news related to this topic is the new Game Pass Core, the service that will replace Xbox Live Gold.

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