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The most classic villains of One Piece will unite to defeat Luffy

Luffy’s fate could be left in the hands of some of his most iconic villains.

The most classic villains of One Piece will unite to defeat Luffy

The well-known manga one piece has grown at an exponential rate since its publication began in 1997. More and more characters join this titanic adventure and the enemies of Luffy in search of the coveted one piece They have only increased. one piece began to be published in the Japanese magazine Weekly Shonen Jump on July 22, 1997 and 103 volumes have already been published. The popularity of the story one piece is outstanding and that Netflix He has even decided to bet on her by bringing a real action project that many of the fans will surely like.

Luffy’s fate could rest in the hands of some of his most iconic villains.

Some of the first villains faced by the pirates of Luffy during his adventures in one piece are coming together to become the next rivals of Luffy in the race to try to become the new pirate King. Buggynow known as Genius Jesterhas formed a powerful organization called Cross Guild which includes two of the strongest enemies he has ever faced Luffy and his crew, the ancients Warlords of the Sea, crocodile Y Dracula Mihawk.

One Piece is one of the best works in the world, given its interesting plot

One Piece is one of the best works in the world, given its interesting plot

Buggy is the first real villain that Luffy he had to defeat during his first adventures. After that, the character continued to appear in the most unlikely situations and gained wide recognition as a pirate mainly due to luck and his ability to be in the right place at the right time. Somewhere else, crocodile He was the first great villain they faced in Grand Linea powerful former pirate who planned to take over the country of alabasta. Finally, mihawk he is known as one of the best masters with the sword and is the chosen direct rival of zoro. When she first appeared, she taught him to zoro his worst defeat, leaving him half dead and giving the crew a glimpse of how powerful their future enemies could become.

In chapter #1056 of the manga one piecereaders have finally been able to learn how Buggy was able to obtain the coveted title of yonko of one piece and be recognized as one of the most powerful pirates in the world. Despite lacking personal strength, Buggy was able to incorporate his new organization, Cross Guildtwo fearsome pirates like crocodile Y mihawk. As explained by the trafalgar lawif he is able to command powerful men like them, then Buggy is worthy of the title of yonko.

The most classic villains of One Piece will unite to defeat Luffy

There is still much to know about Cross Guild. Buggy he might not be the leader of the group, but the poster showing his face above the other two seems to indicate that this is so. Furthermore, this kind of attitude would be very typical of Buggy since he would take the merits of another person for his own benefit and favor. However, it is also true that one should not underestimate Buggy.

He was an apprentice on the ship of the legendary Pirate king, Goal D. Rogerand can be just as dangerous as Shanks, currently the most wanted pirate in one piece all over the world. While it is true that he is treated primarily as a comedic character, Buggy has all the resources to become the next great rival of Luffyespecially now that crocodile Y mihawk they are in your group.

One of the main characters of One Piece has disappeared

One of the main characters of One Piece has disappeared

It’s very probable that Buggy He took advantage of the World Government’s dissolution of the Seven Warlords of the Sea to reunite some former members of the group under his own orders. It is also interesting that Buggy, Crocodile and mihawk have a history with the Straw Hat Pirates in the past since the confrontation would be faced in a different way. It is possible that Buggy and Crocodile want to settle accounts with Luffy, while the confrontation between Zoro and Mihawk it has to happen sometime before the series ends. With such an interesting premise, the classic villain team of one piece of Buggy promises to be worth seeing in his epic showdown with Luffy and his pirates.

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