the most ecological storage format

the most ecological storage format

Tom Henry

the most ecological storage format

The storage format more ecological Are the magnetic tapes, at least this is what has been said recently in a study. What are the reasons that lead to affirming this and how will this affect the future of Internet and the huge volume of data what do you treasure? Let’s see.

The most veteran of the place will remember how their 8-bit microcomputers used cassette magnetic tapesand, although these are no longer used on a day-to-day basis, they are still used specialized magnetic tapes to keep large volumes of data cold. That is, information that must be preserved, but does not require immediate access. And it is that large corporations and public administrations usually store the huge volumes of data that they generate and that no longer fit in hard drives.

Store on magnetic tape 60% of the world’s data for ecological reasons

Magnetic tapes

One of the proposals on the table to reduce the footprint of the carbon as far as computer systems are concerned is the use of magnetic storage tapes. which are often used for storage in cold due to the fact that they require the information to be dumped on a memory.

All this for the simple reason that it is impossible to do a random search for data in a continuous tape. Now you know the reason why it was necessary to wait half an hour to play the spectrum or to Commodorethe entire program had to be loaded into the RAM from the tape drive.

Well, an investigation carried out by IEEE Spectrum indicates that the 60% of the information stored in the hard drives is a candidate to be stored in magnetic tapes for your storage. Which currently can store information for a much lower cost than the hard drives. In addition, they serve to save data in the very long term, since they have a useful life that doubles that of a HDD standard.

Could fade from view a good deal of Internet

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The amount of information generated by the network of networks is enormous and much of it is no longer of interest to the public. However, she is there, waiting to be accessed. Not in vain, there are open directories with information corresponding to hard drives that are open to the streets and where you can find everything.

From the vacation photos of a private individual a few years ago, to the client list of a small company. All this is cold data that is somewhere HDD and that it is working and, therefore, spending electricity just to store that data.

In other words, if you start storing data in magnetic tapes for ecological reasons, it will not be what is consulted in the short term or that has a very large global demand, but rather specific and outdated data with very low demand.

Perhaps in the future the companies In order to be able to store your billing, do not store it on the server of the company in a very poorly protected way, but they end up using magnetic tapeswhich was something that was done in its day, but with how cheap the Esports Extrasbyte of storage has become, it has ended up saving the information in HDD of computers perpetually connected to Internet.

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