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The most ‘Heartbreaker’ skins that will come to LoL

Even though he just arrived League of Legends patch 13.1b, Riot Games is already preparing for future versions. From thinking about the implementation of other updates to the release of new cosmetics. And yes, from Riot they have already shown us the skins that will arrive at LoL for the coming weeks.


Considering the time of the year in which we find ourselves, it is normal for the developer to think about specific aspects. we recover like this the essence of skins valentine’s day, a line of cosmetics that has always had its lovers and its detractors. This year there will be three characters that join a theme dubbed as ‘heartbreaker‘.

So are the skins from LoL of the theme ‘Heartbreaker’

On this occasion we find three champions who will join the Valentine’s 2023 theme. Caitlin, Saw Y amumu They have been the characters chosen to bring love to Summoner’s Rift for another year. A combination that once again highlights the relationship between Caitlyn and Vi and what shows us the loneliness and sadness for which Amumu is so characterized.

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It highlights the difference in the color palette between the characters. Yes ok Caitlyn takes advantage of the most pastel and light tonesboth Amumu and Vi darker and more pronounced colors stand out moresuch as red and purple.

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For now, this topic has generated division of opinion And that is how we are seeing it on social networks. Some are delighted with what they have shown us from Riot Games, while others believe that the developer has not squeezed much ‘the coconut’ when it comes to putting them on the table. Are skins will arrive at the PBE of LoL during the next few days, thus preparing to reach the Summoner’s Rift, a priori, the next February 8th.

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