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The most important new survival game on Steam postpones its release without changing the date

Sons of The Forest (Steam) will not celebrate its release in February as planned. It will be released in February anyway. We reveal what’s behind it.

The survival genre is very popular. While there are plenty of games in the space, few titles have managed to combine survival and horror. One of these titles was “The Forest”, which was to be followed in a few weeks by “Sons of The Forest”.

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Now the developers have postponed the official release and yet the title will already appear. You decide on an early access phase.

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February 23rd is now early access start instead of release on Steam

What exactly was announced? “Sons of The Forest” was actually supposed to celebrate its release at the end of February, but the developers at Endnight Games have decided to indirectly postpone the official release and instead start the game in an “Early Access” phase on the originally planned date .

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This means that “Sons of the Forest” on February 23rd is not yet fully developed, but already playable.


Watch new gameplay for Sons of the Forest, the sequel to the survival hit The Forest


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Why are the developers doing this? In recent years there have been numerous release postponements and Sons of the Forest has already been affected. Rather than backtracking the game yet again, they want to create the rest of the game along with player feedback. For this it says:

It’s been a long journey since we started developing ‘Sons of The Forest’ and it has grown into our biggest and most complex game we’ve ever made. There is still much we want to add; Items, new mechanics, gameplay balance and more. We wanted [das Spiel] not rescheduling again, so we’ve decided to involve the community in the ongoing development and keep our release date of February 23rd, but in Early Access.

By the way, this is not entirely unexpected. The predecessor “The Forest” also started as an early access title and is one of the greatest successes of this type of publication.

What is Sons of The Forest about? Sons of The Forest bills itself as a “horror survival simulator.” Not only must players survive the onslaught of sinister (and very hungry) cannibals, but they must also take precautions to survive on a remote island. There are the “usual” survival features such as searching for resources in order to build things afterwards and thus increase your own chances of survival.


If you don’t want to dare the trip alone, you can also try to ensure the survival of the group with up to 8 players. Sons of the Forest also offers an extensive co-op mode.