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The most powerful Juggernaut is capable of destroying the Infinity Stones

The weak point of the Infinity Stones can be exploited by the Juggernaut to destroy them.

The most powerful Juggernaut is capable of destroying the Infinity Stones

The infinity stones they are one of the most amazing weapons around Marvel and they have an almost overwhelming potential for destruction. They have always been found linked to the villain Thanos since to fulfill his desire to wipe out half the population of the universe he needed to use them all with the help of the Infinity Gauntlet.

The weak point of the Infinity Stones can be exploited by the Juggernaut to destroy them.

His impact on comics has been quite noticeable, but his popularity has been increased thanks to some of the latest movies of the UCM What Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame. The Infinity Stones in the hands of Thanos They were one of the biggest challenges that the Avengers have been able to face. In fact, they almost lost if it hadn’t been for the final sacrifice of Hombre de Hierro who managed to save the entire universe.

The most powerful Juggernaut is capable of destroying the Infinity Stones

Knowing his powers, it should be noted that a villain not so well known from the publisher could end the infinity stones in a very simple way. In one of its most powerful forms, Juggernaut could have found a curious way to destroy the infinity stones of Marvelthanks to his ability to punch holes into the very fabric of reality.

In some of his most emblematic stories published by marvel comics, Cain Marko he has shown that he can wipe out other dimensions when he reaches the maximum level of his abilities. Since the Infinity Gems they break when they are pushed out of their universe and reality, Juggernaut it would be able to destroy the stones should it ever be necessary.

juggernaut vs colossus

Juggernaut vs Colossus: 3D profile digital statue – Fanart x Jorge Villar

Although there are other villains who have much greater prestige and fame, Juggernaut he is one of the most dangerous characters and can be undervalued throughout his history. The villain got the powers from him thanks to the crimson gem of Cyttorakwhich gave him incredible strength and endurance that are devastating.

On top of that, his powerful armor makes him invulnerable to mental attacks by which he can get rid of some well-known heroes. Being able to defeat Juggernaut It is no easy task, even for a hero with the characteristics of Thor. While is true that Juggernaut has dealt some crushing blows over the years, it was in the 90’s when it was revealed that in its most powerful form it could punch holes into reality itself. As a result, Juggernaut holds the powers necessary to destroy the Infinity Gems.

This is why Thanos has purple skin and his family doesn't

This is why Thanos has purple skin and his family doesn’t

In X Men #88 made by Alan Davis, Joe Casey, Mark Farmer, Marie Javins, Richard Starkings, and Wes Abbottthe comic featured Juggernaut losing control and opening a hole within reality since thanks to this he was able to cross the barriers of space-time. Many will wonder how this will affect the integrity of the infinity stones since at first it may not have anything to do with it, but this is not exactly the case.

New Avengers #3 showed Captain America’s attempts to try to use the infinity stones when an incursion occurs on their planet. However, using the gems while reaching another reality results in the destruction of the gems. Infinity Gems. The moment showed that, although the Infinity Gems They are among the most powerful weapons in the world. marvel universein others Land they are actually ineffective and might even be unable to survive in that new dimension. Due to its weakness before unknown realities and universes, Juggernaut it could destroy the gems. Even if this has never happened, it would be technically possible.

tony stark in avengers engame

Using his powers to destroy the Infinity Gems has not been tested in marvel universe. In a confirmed way it is known what happened when steve rogers tried to do during the raid and it is that its revealed its vulnerability when placed in other Land different.

Juggernaut he would not be the only one who could destroy them since any character with powers linked to space-time would be able to achieve the feat. In fact, Juggernaut being able to destroy dimensions could probably also wipe out the Infinity Gems if necessary, turning it into a secret weapon against stones.

The most powerful Juggernaut is capable of destroying the Infinity Stones

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