The NES Zelda, recreated in VR through a Doom mod

Tom Henry

2023 is going to be, if things don’t change too much, an incredibly special and unique year for The Legend of Zelda saga. The year in which 37 years have passed since the debut of the release of the Zelda from NES in Japan, the entire planet will receive Tears of the Kingdom, possibly one of the most anticipated titles in the history of the saga, thanks to the unprecedented popularity of Breath of the Wild. And the fans, of course, we are revisiting some of the titles in the saga to get in tune. Although there are those who are not satisfied with that and go to the creative step spectacularly.

What would happen if the NES Zelda was in first person: the reimagining in VR

The world of mods allows players real fancy things, as we already know very well. It is fascinating to see proposals like the one developed by the Twitter user kite_VR_noewhich has used the famous Doom as a base to reimagine the NES Zelda as we have never seen it before: managing a Link in first personwith a map in the style of the frantic shooter in the first person, and keeping all the character designs and stage elements as they appeared in the original Nintendo work. And all this, with perspective and VR controls. The result is simply amazing. Especially once inside the first dungeon. Do not miss it!

In a year in which fans of the saga will soon be in luck again, we are convinced that there will be many more crazy things like this, and that we will enjoy amazing perspectives from other titles, like this VR recreation of NES Zelda. What do you think of this new vision of the title? Would you like to see a title from the Zelda saga with this perspective? We will be delighted to hear your opinion!


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