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The Netherlands confirms its intention to ban loot boxes in video games

the netherlands confirms its intention to ban loot boxes in

After last year six political parties from netherlands joined together to ban button boxes in video games, today the intention of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy to continue with the anti-climate policy has been confirmed.lootboxes. Minister Micky Adriaansens has made it clear that they will look for a way to prohibit these random reward mechanismsas has been proposed in other countries such as Australia or USA.

“There will be a ban on lootboxes

“To users of mobile games, consoles and computers, including childrenthey are regularly offered the opportunity to progress or unlock more options for a fee,” we read in a statement signed by Adriaansens herself, which continues: “There will be a ban on lootboxeswhat are these virtual chests in which the user does not know what to receive as a reward for a purchase”.


He researcher Leon Y. Xiao, specialized in video game law and specifically loot boxes, has contacted the Dutch Ministry to get more information about the next steps in this prohibition. According to the official response, the government of the Netherlands intends to “improve the regulation of purchases in-gamegoing through the complete prohibition of loot boxes.


In USAAlberto Garzn’s Ministry of Consumption announced a year ago its intention to ban loot boxes with a law antilootboxes of which we were even able to read a draft. The intention was to get in effective early 2024, although with a margin of adaptation of 12 months; However, since July of last year there have been no news about this draft, so it remains to be seen what final effects it will end up having on the video game market in our country.